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The Servants of The Lord (24.10.08)


      The Lord,

           speak to all My servants this day.

                 As they live their lives so will I be blessed.

                 As they live their lives so will their testimony stand.

                 As they live their lives so will their reward be.

                 The servants of The Lord should be beyond reproach.

                 The servants of The Lord should reflect the Word.

                 The servants of The Lord should uplift the Kingdom.

                                  To greet with joy.

                                  To present with grace.

                                  To speak with dignity –

                                                                 so are My servants known among the gatherings of man –

                                                  not to err from the truth,

                                                  not to reproach in anger,

                                                  neither to amplify nor distort the events of life as they are encountered.

                 The events of life are interpreted by man.

                 The spoken words of man should agree with the record of the events of life.

                 A disparity between the records should be to man’s concern.

                 A disparity results in the re-interpretation of the record so harmony is achieved between the two.

                 A child of man erases the record upon becoming a child of God.

                 All who seek the key will find the door.

                 The door is always opened to those who hold the key;

                               all pass through the door who use the key;

                               all those who enter through the door enter as a child of God.

                 My servants serve.

                 My servants hold the key.

                 My servants encourage the accepting of the key.

                 My servants direct the willing to the door.

                 My servants assist the passing through the door –

                                  to pass through and hence become a newborn child of God.”


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