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The Slaughter of The Innocent (4.9.08)

“From the beginning of creation we have held to our dictum that the life of man has purpose;

                                                                                                 that The Spirit of life has significance beyond the

                                                                                                                                                     understanding of man,

                                                                                                 that the soul of life,

                                                                                                        the soul of man,

                                                                                                                must grow to maturity.

We have held to our dictum that we will withhold our power of compliance in the life of man.

We have held to our dictum to warn man through the ages,

                                                                  through our servants the prophets,

                                                                                              of the consequences of the actions of man.

We shall hold to our dictum that man shall be held accountable in this age,

                                                                                                          the age of Grace,

                                                   before the seats of justice for the treatment of his brothers;

                                                                                                   the treatment of his children;

                                                                                                   the treatment of the sons and daughters of man:

                                                                                                   the treatment of the very sons and daughters of God.

       The sons and daughters of God placed within the womb of woman:

                                                                                                      a sacred trust;

                     where they may all be nurtured until their appointed time to come forth and there to choose a destiny.

       The age of Grace carries the new covenant,

        the age of Grace carries new testimony of The Word,

        the age of Grace imparts wisdom and knowledge and calls for righteousness in the life of man;

        the age of Grace is the era of the accountability of man.

Foolish are they who ignore the accountability of man.



                  are they who ignore the time of appeal in the age of Grace.


      in the extreme,

                  are those who do not approach the evangelists of the cross,

                                  who do not call out for their redemption within the age of Grace.


      even unto death,

                  are those who will perish in their sins,

                                                               their iniquities –

                                            the blood of the sons and daughters of God –

                                                                                                           on their hands.

For the waters of the earth cannot forgive,

                                           cannot cleanse,

                                                            hands stained with the blood of the innocent.

           Hands still stained with blood that reach for,

                                                                        and grasp,

                                                                                    their repulsive pieces of silver:

                                                                                                                             the wealth of man.


      The Lord,

           see the blood-stained hands of those who wreck destruction within the womb of woman.

      The bloodied perverted hands of man,

                                          that should caress and love:



                                                                                   mutilate and,

                                                                                   without mercy,

                                                                    render asunder in dismemberment –

                                                                                       the innocence of the glory of man in the likeness of His God.



           The Lord,


                       the Holy Spirit of The Lord sees through your eyes all that you have done;

                                                                                                      each action of your hand;

                                                                                                      each tool that you select;

                                                                                                      each defensive move of the child of God you would destroy.


      The Lord,

           hear the call for justice that arises from each spirit denied the promise of the flesh.

                     Recorded is the scream for justice from each soul denied maturity.

                     Retribution will be exacted for each life that is cut short.

It would be better for those with blood-stained hands if they had not been born of woman.

           For as they have done,

                 so shall it be meted out to them –

                                            cut for cut,

                                            blow for blow,

                                            agony for agony:

                            even to a seven-fold retribution shall a call for justice be resolved.

           Each recorded call for justice shall stand alone;

                                                                        according to the record,

                                                                        according to the testimony,

                                                                        according to the actions of those who stand before.

The mind of man cannot imagine the torture that awaits all those held accountable for destroying the glory of man

                                                                                                                                              in the likeness of His God.

                      The chain of accountability will be followed for each call for justice.

                      The chain with all the links is locked.

                      All the links partake equally in the depravity so practised.

           Even to those who would hide the evidence;

                                                     remove the blood;

                                                     keep the records;

                                                     approve the action;

                                                     own the premises;

                                                     supply the products of the earth and all kinds of efforts of man;

                                                     hide in supposed anonymity behind doors of grandeur or of wood.

As it is established,

      to those who plead ignorance of the affairs of man;

                   who rule and enable with authority they do not have –

                                        with the authority born of the ignorance of man;

                   who rule but do not listen to the counsel of heaven;

                   who receive the proceeds of silver,

                                             the wealth of man,

                                             in whole or in part;

          all those who feed,

          all those who care,

          all those who love –

                 these workers of atrocity.

          None shall be excused when the uncircumcised heart of each link is laid bare with knowledge for all to see.

                    In justice,

                          the locked chain of accountability,

                          that is so established,

                              reveals the hidden shameful images that befell the innocent with the agreement of the links.

          For all those who forsake the glory of their calling to enhance the life of man,

                     and choose thereby to bring destruction to the destiny of man,

                                                                                           shall themselves be cursed,


                                                                                                               by their God they did not know.




          And turn from,


                     your wicked ways,

                              while it is still today;

           for the mind of man does not know the time of his accounting for this vast and terrible abomination here laid

                                                                                                                                                     before him at his door.

          Else surely you will stand at the gates of hell as they open,

                And the horror of your harvest will fill your eyes,

                And the scream from your throat will echo in your soul for ever,

                           as your feet are forced,


                                                                       through the gates of hell.

          For your destiny,

                               that concerned you not,

                                                         has verily come to be,

                                                                      bringing full fear of understanding to your soul.

                And the wrath of God will fall as the Gates of Hell slam shut:

                            imprisoning the dammed beyond the ears of He who holds the keys.

So will it be with all found wanting,

      when called before the seat of justice,

           for lies will not avail,

           deception will not assail,

           all will be opened and prevail:

      the heavens will applaud the brightness of the light.

For there,

      in the brightness of the light,

           will the deprived be rendered justice on the depraved of heart,

                                                                                                 of soul,

                                                                                                 of spirit


      this land of plenty,

      this people with power.

Now is the time to stop the slaughter of the innocent that I,

                                                                                           The Lord,

                                                                                                     may again bless this land,

                                                                                                                               this nation,

                                                                                                                               this people.

Else I,

      The Lord,

                 will continue to speak to this land in indignation at its complacency;

                                                                                               at what the people of the land,

                                                                                                              in degradation,

                                                                                                        now permit,

                                                                                                        bereft of the fear of The Lord.


           Seek the keys of the Kingdom.


           Be taught and learn the fear of The Lord.


           that your land may again be watered in season according to its needs.”


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