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The Way Home (11.4.09)

“The power of the mind does not exist within itself.

The power of the mind arises from the confusion of identity.

The confusion of identity arises from the teachings of man.

The confusion of identity should be correctly attributed to the master of confusion.

Confused thinking within the body of man emanates from the enemy of man,

                                                                                              the master of confusion,

                                                                                              the instigator of the lie,

                                                                                              the manipulator of the truth that blends opposites together.

Confused thinking is indicative of a soul under a foreign influence,

                                                   of a spirit retreated into silence,

                                                   of a body without direction from the Light.

Confused thinking should be bound and dismissed,

                 the soul should be cleansed and re-aligned,

                 the spirit should be uplifted by the tongue of The Spirit.

Clarity of thought arises from the guidance of My Spirit as He conveys the intent of God The Father and God The Son

                                                                                                                                                  in conference with the spirit of man.

Clarity of thought is confirmed by the knowledge of man overlain by the wisdom of God.

Clarity of thought is expressed with the power of The Spirit when reliant on the prayer of the humbled righteous soul,

                                                               the encouragement of the spirit that moves in meekness of fellowship,

                                                               a body that is unmarked by man –

                                                                           that knows the cleansing water –

                                                                           that is justified as the temple of The Holy Spirit.

In these things lie the road of discipleship –

                                                             the fear of God,

                                                             the love of God,

                                                             the call of God,

                                                             the servant-hood of God,

                                                             the acceptance of God,

                                                             the holiness of God,

                                                             the presence of God.

In these things lie the path to perfection –

                                                             the keeping of the Sacraments,

                                                             the sacrifice of self,

                                                             the retention of the Wisdom of The Word,

                                                             the application of the call,

                                                             the immediacy of obedience,

                                                             the quest for excellence of character,

                                                             the walk within the will of God.

In these things lie the victor’s crown –

                                                             the reception of the Truth,

                                                             the overcoming of deception,

                                                             the persevering through adversity,

                                                             the standing on the rock of revelation

                                                             the growth of Faith,

                                                             the attaining of the summit of each mountain,

                                                             the adornment of the gown of Life.

            The end of life is unknown to the saints.

            The end of life collides with the second death.

            The end of life is the death of the spirit,

                                        the extenuation of the soul.

                        Woe to the extenuated soul that has no end.

                        Woe to the extenuated soul that has no hope.

                        Woe to the extenuated soul that circles in despair.

The perfected saints of God will witness a new dawn,

                                             will witness the angelic hosts in action,

                                             will witness the fulfilment of the promises of God.

The perfected saints of God will be welcomed home,

                                             will be welcomed by generations past now present,

                                             will be welcomed with new senses,

                                                                                   new bodies so equipped 

                                                             a renewal that befits the rebirth of the spirit in an environment of Light.

The perfected saints of God will enter into the garden of The Father –

                                                                                           the birthplace of the Bride.”


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