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The Window of Wonder - A Parable (7.3.10)

Scribal Note: Parable text saved, and now affirmed for inclusion in this, the second edition, of His first of seven books.

1   “Jesus, The Christ, offers access through a gateway of pain, with a miracle in tow;

       An incredible opportunity of sighting the panorama of promises laid before mankind -

       Discernible as a stroll upon an icy lawn of crystals in the presence of extensive coldness -

       So the cup of remembrance in the presence of the Holy Spirit then confirms the will of God.

2   Jesus was in alignment with the cross of calvary, 

      Within the context of His time, resulting in the death of execution.

      Satan, the tempting expert, spreads a frothful message of the finality of Jesus’s death among the disciples, 

      Even so while Jesus is resplendent in the period of rest for the glory implicit in His incarnation.

3   Jesus has experienced a place of loneliness, but proceeds in obedience to The Father’s will.

      Whilst on a journey an ignored and beaten traveller is encountered

      But, even in the ‘dryness’ of the land there are travellers who, in their caring and concern, leave traces behind them.

      And the apparent overall widespread presence of Satan, here in a low, pungent smelling place, yields knowledge of a tomb that
                                                                                                                                                                holds but grave clothes.

4   Jesus brings the foretold presence of The Christ, the time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

      From His teaching of His disciples is birthed the Christian message opened to the world -

      As vindicated by the empty grave of history which is near a place of gathering -

      There, at a location of divine creative choice, were new concepts and ideals so set: to become the future values of mankind.

5   Jesus determines life’s priorities in the early stages of life’s difficulties;

      Surrounded by the spiritual, is the confused clamouring of mankind -

      As life, with its rough edges, supports the race that must be run -

      Near life’s summit of ability, to the regret of things with great appeal, lie in loops the stumbling blocks that adorned the source
                                                                                                                                                                                          of pride.

6   Jesus attaches status to the bread and to the wine which breaks the fast that is set above the world,

      So spiritual control, under the authority of God, intensifies a multitude of greetings in a place that nurtures visions to completion.

      Zion, within the mantle of protection,

      Sees the Jewish nation acknowledge the rejoicing of the Christians when the time of change arrives.

7   Jesus has control of darkness, can shut out light, has an isolated place for the demanding - 

      Near an alternate place of destination - for the placement of the lax and the depraved born of the night.

      Even the monsters of creation know Jesus, the Fisher of men, the King of kings, the Keeper of the keys,

      And the Guardian of peace - where all are being sifted, with some protected by the angels.

8   Jesus ensures the intensity of victory does not become a means of restriction.

     Tending the fire of God is the Holy Spirit

     Who brings The Spirit of conviction - and the tears of remorse - with the renewal of revival

     On the youth unto the elderly: as all, but tares, participate in the raining of the blessings on the wheat.”



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