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The Consequences of Sin (14.6.10)

“The consequences of sin are as in the holy writ. 

The consequences of sin are as a tableau on the earth. 

The consequences of sin are as a cancer of the habitations of man. 


The consequences of sin stain the character of man with a deadly dye: 

                                                                                             a dye which needs a bleach, 

                                                                                             a dye which needs a time spent in the sonlight, 

                                                                                             a dye which needs erasure by a sacrifice of blood. 


The consequences of sin are as a chain around the neck of man, 

                                                  a chain with links forged on the anvil of the blacksmith, 

                                                  a chain with the links not strained by man’s desire for freedom, 

                                                  a chain that sinks the swimmer to the depths. 


The consequences of sin are the pleasures of the moment with the shrinking of horizons, 

                                         are the idolatries of self with implications for the soul, 

                                         are the absence of the morals with the eating of the ethics of the lost.


The consequences of sin escape from the framework of concern, 

                                         escape from the consciousness of man, 

                                         escape beyond the realm of study, 

                                                     beyond the realm of reflection, 

                                                     beyond the realm of consideration. 

The consequences of sin will complete the circle, 

                                         will enclose upon the neck, 

                                         will call the afflicted to account. 


The consequences of sin are too dreadful to imagine, 

                                         are even more so when placed before a throne, 

                                                     when the spirit and the soul stand in irons before a bar, 

                                                                                                  stand fettered before a seat, 

                                                                                                  stand in terror before the silencing of the evidence, 

                                                                     when man realises in finality, 

                                                                                 his tongue is left with no defence.


The consequences of sin are for consideration in the mortality of man, 

                                        are for appreciation of all which that entails, 

                                        are the cause of much pain and anguish to the soul with dye, 

                                        are for man to understand, 

                                                            to remember, 

                                                            to always bear in mind, 

                                                                           a promise with a penalty.


The promise with a penalty was never meant for man, 

                                             was always intended for the fallen angels with the ringleader of the horde - 

                                                                                                                                              Satan in his guises of deception—

                                                                                                                                              Satan in his withered tongue of lies—

                                                                                                                                              Satan in his vilifying—

                                                                                                                                              Satan in his deceiving of man.


Wise is man who disqualifies himself from the promise with a penalty. 


Foolish is man who falls within the shadow of the promise with a penalty. 

Foolish is man who does not have the will to crawl into the sonlight for removal of the dye. 

Foolish is man who shelters in the lea of Satan for the dregs borne of derision that so stain his character.


Wise is man with a character as of tempered steel, 

                                                             which flexes but does not bend, 

                                                             which supports a weight with safety, 

                                                             which does not transport an impulse of the foe. 




           is man who accepts the promise with a blessing.”



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