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The Fruits of Man's Efforts (22.11.10)

“The fruits of man’s efforts leave an imprint on the earth.

The fruits of man’s efforts can track his comings and his goings,

                                                                   all he has been to see,

                                                                   all he has gone to do,

                                                                   all he has come to witness,

                                                                   all he has sought and captured for his memory in time.

The fruits of man’s efforts may decay as the rot sets in,

                                           may be magnified as relationships are created.

The fruits of man’s efforts may see the worms at work,

                                           may see the fruit transformed within a setting fit for kings.

The fruits of man’s efforts may become the debris on a wasteland,

                                           may become the pearls where wisdom resides.

The fruits of man’s efforts may be lost as a plume of smoke,

                                           may be found beyond the grave.

The fruits of man’s efforts may have altered much of little worth which will not survive the grave,

                                           may have altered destinies from darkness into light.

The fruits of man’s efforts may accumulate in a vault,

                                           may accumulate as jewels instated on a gown.

Let those with wisdom understand this sixfold counsel of The Holy Spirit to the spirit together with the soul of man.

Free the spirit to speak in earnestness to the soul of man this day.

Set the soul to listen in attentiveness to that of which the spirit speaks.

Let the bonds of love encourage the soul to be in subjugation to the spirit,

                                                                      which confesses the authority of the spirit,

                                                                      which serves a body where the flesh is no longer rampant,

                                                                                                             is no longer without the reins of wisdom,

                                                                                                             is no longer deaf to all the spirit has to teach.

May the gifts of The Holy Spirit find a new home today –

                                                      may inspire that home to become a temple –

                                                      may be recognized as with the reins of direction as the journey home begins.”


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