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The Website of The Lord (Enables) (9.12.10)

“This day has the website of The Lord come of age, 

                                      has it been brought into the battle line, 

                                      has it been brought to confront satanic forces, 

                                      has it been brought to ascribe freedom to the spirit and the soul of man.

This day has the website of The Lord been introduced to man, 

                                                             been birthed according to the word, 

                                                             been located in a position of expectation, 

                                                             been stocked with wisdom in the days of knowledge, 

                                                             been stocked with truth in the days of deception, 

                                                             been stocked with living water and the bread of life for the coming days of turmoil.

This day has the website of The Lord been commissioned with a pedigree of purity, 

                                                             been commissioned to bear witness, 

                                                             been commissioned as a projector of the truth, 

                                                                                      as a projector without a lens –

                                                                                                           that does not distort the light, 

                                                                                      as a projector of the present walk of man, 

                                                                                      as a projector of the potential in the future walk of man.

This day does the website of The Lord turn a kingdom key – 

                                            which unlocks the season of revelation into the lives of man, 

                                            which unlocks the freedom of availability throughout the networking of man, 

                                            which unlocks the attaining of the knowledge for confirmation within a friendship as man both seeks
                                                                                                                                                                                      and finds.

This day does the website of The Lord wait at the table where the fare is served, 

                                                            wait at the table richly garnished with the selections brought from heaven, 

                                                        wait at the table to serve the invited guests with a feast to succour both the spirit and the soul, 

                                                               wait at the table to counsel, 

                                                                                                 to forewarn: 

                                                                                                 to oversee, 

                                                                                          to assist the rooms of communication dependant on the plumbing; 

                                                                                                 to maintain, 

                                                                                          to strengthen the house of halls and corridors when subject to attack; 

                                                                                                 to enhance, 

                                                                                          to validate the temple with all that dwells within.

This day does the website of The Lord whistle from the ends of the earth, 

                                                                           from the distant islands in the seas, 

                                                                                                   with the word of God, 

                                                                                                   with the banner of God, 

                                                                                                   with the grace of God, 

                                      which now declares the days of revelation, 

                                                                       the days of the false prophets, 

                                                                       the days of My prophets through whom My Spirit counsels within The Father’s Will.

For in these days the revelatory vision of My disciple John comes to the fore, 

                                                           is intended for understanding by My bride in waiting – 

                                                                   as the seals are broken – 

                                                                   as My bride inspects her linen ready for presentation.”


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