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The Activities of God (27.9.10)

“Variable are the ways of God in application of His will to man in his mortality.

Consistent are the edicts of God in what,

                                                    in when,

                                                    in why,

                                                    in how,

                                     the attributes of God are displayed to man in his mortality.

Constant in provision before the face of man is the establishing of the closest of relationships with man in his mortality.

Eternal in significance is the written word of God,

                                     is the spoken word of God,

                                     is the acts of God,

                                     is the objectives of God,

                         to encourage man in his mortality to seek,

                                                                            to gravitate to,

                                                                            to pursue,

                                                                     the pathway home to his loving God.

The loving God of all creation knows the loving and the unloving:

                                                                     as each walks in-step or out-of-step in applying the freewill gift to man.

The unison of step is affirmation of a goal set firmly in the sights of man which knows the drumbeat of a tree.

The random walk is not circular,

                         does not lead back to the beginning.

The random walk of man is guided by the ring within his nose -

                                                              the shackle designed to lead him through the gates of hell.

The ring within his nose brings pleasure at each twist,

                                        brings dislocation from a high,

                                        brings fracturing of relationships,

                                        brings the degradation of a character,

                                        brings the loss of the spirit,

                                        brings the gaoling of the soul.

The loving God of all creation does not inflict His wrath without deferring to the freewill of man -

                                                                       without the sounding of a trumpet call in warning,

                                                                    without ensuring understanding of the consequences of an action of freewill.

The loving God of all creation offers reconciliation through his sacrifice for man,

                                                  offers acceptance of His grace,

                                                  offers the pathway home.

The loving God of all creation offers man the handshake of creation within the perspective of eternity.”


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