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The Barbarity of Man (7.5.11)

“The barbarity of man signifies a partnership with Satan,

                                     signifies a captured soul,

                                     signifies a shrivelled spirit,

                                     signifies ignorance of God,

                                     signifies desertion of his God,

                                     signifies conceptions of ill-intent.

The barbarity of man reduces man to but a willing pawn of others,

                                   reduces man to no better than an uncaged voracious animal,

                                   reduces man to suffer for his lack of self-appraisal,

                                   reduces man to be treated with contempt,

                                   reduces man to be led as if by a ring around his neck,

                                   reduces man to being stripped of his humanity.

The barbarity of man reduces man to a God forsaken future,

                                   reduces man to continuous imprisonment,

                                   reduces man to his being a companion of the devil.

The barbarity of man will convict him of all he has adopted,

                                   will convict him of all he has inflicted,

                                   will convict him of all he has incurred when without restraint.

The barbarity of man is more common than supposed,

                                   is more widespread within a gang,

                                   is more exposed within the cult of power.

The barbarity of man gathers like with like,

                                   gathers in the light of day for expression in the dark of night,

                                   gathers from the broken home of man to bind within an oath of Satan.

The barbarity of man preys on the innocent,

                                   preys as a predator without remorse,

                                   preys as the plotting agrees in confirmation.

The barbarity of man rarely has much courage when but a lone wolf,

                                   rarely is seen beyond the boundaries of the pack,

                                   rarely is seen without the hallmarks of his dress-code,

                                   rarely is heard without blasphemy on his lips,

                                   rarely is objective in the value of a life,

                                   rarely is observed contributing anything of lasting value to the enclave where he dwells.

The barbarity of man speaks of the presence of parasites,

                                   speaks of the use of force,

                                   speaks of intimidation,

                                   speaks of unmitigated duress,

                                   speaks of contamination of the youth,

                                   speaks of targeting the vulnerable while within the domain of Satan.

The barbarity of man seeks illicit wealth,

                                   seeks mutual responsibility,

                                   seeks to bow before a despot,

                                   seeks the odour of fear,

                                   seeks the atmosphere of the outlaw,

                                   seeks to prowl the forests of the jungles.”


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