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The Consternation of Man (30.11.10)

“Consternation is not of God. 

Consternation is not from God.

The consternation of man stems from a misplaced trust, 

                                          stems from the absence of perception, 

                                          stems from the cloaking of the truth. 

The consternation of man causes him to meddle, 

                                          causes him to seek a lie, 

                                          causes him to spread a weapon of the devil, 

                                          causes him to give voice to the fears of man. 

The consternation of man brings shouting at a shadow, 

                                          sees faces in the darkness, 

                                          fills a body with the power to flee. 

The consternation of man constructs fear into a nightmare, 

                                          asks ‘what ifs’ which are answered by the demons, 

                                          supposes the very worst in an outcome of imagination.

The consternation of man is of concern to God, 

                                          is of concern to the heavens as man follows a lead known to be false.

The false leads of man are designed to waste his time, 

                                     are designed to create discouragement, 

                                     are designed to lead him to an alley from where there appears to be no exit. 

The false leads of man always yield an access for the escape of man; 

                                     always yield to an egress to the light; 

                                     always yield a way to overcome all which is encountered; 

                                     always yield to the cry of man distraught.

The false leads of man should not be permitted to confirm the destiny of default; 

                                     should not be permitted to drown out, 

                                                                                  to suffocate, 

                                                                                         the voice of the spirit; 

                                     should not be permitted to so silence man before the spirit’s call is heard.

For the spirit’s call revives the soul of man, 

                                     brings all three to alertness, 

                                     brings all three to pay attention, 

                                     brings all three to be mindful of the option now open for selection. 

The spirit’s call prepares the body, 

                          subsumes the soul.

The spirit’s call carries to all quarters, 

                          carries to the reaches, 

                          carries to the heavens. 

The spirit’s call arouses a sleeping soul, 

                          seeks help when it struggles to obey a different master, 

                          shepherds it carefully into the light with all its parts intact.

The shepherding of the soul, 

              the protection of the master plan of God, 

                                      is at the mercy of man’s agency, 

                                      is at the mercy of the seed of faith, 

                                      is at the mercy of man’s character as developed at the season of the offer, 

                                      is at the mercy of the freewill of man – 

                         which confirms either his destiny of choice or his destiny of default.

The destinies available to man reflect the imposition of his future level of activity. 

The destiny allotted to man reflects his active informed choice or the default through lack of care.

The destiny in which man lands beyond the grave has an existence within the reality of man – 

                                                                                                                               as it has become; 

                                                                                                                               as it is made known – 

                                                                                                                                         to all his senses then apparent; 

                                                                                                                               as it is – 

                                                                                                                                         in which he has to dwell.”


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