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The Enclaves of The Lord (18.6.10)

“The enclaves of The Lord are spread across the earth.

The enclaves of The Lord do not speak with a voice of unity,

                                                                with a voice of one accord,

                                                                with a voice commensurate with the voice of God.

The enclaves of The Lord have networks of their own,

                                          have networks with a message for the hour,

                                          have networks which distil trinkets to the heart.

The enclaves of The Lord have networks which operate as the networks of man,

                                                                             offer the opinions of man,

                                                                             offer the fabrications of man.

The enclaves of The Lord have networks of assumption,

                                          have networks that are not holy,

                                          have networks that count the numbers,

                                          have networks of purity of intent.

The enclaves of The Lord teach unity within each enclave,

                                          are blinded to the power of two or three,

                                          will not surrender to the one of choice.

The enclaves of The Lord are to come together,

                                          are to unite under the one who leads,

                                                                       the one who has the vision,

                                                                       the one who has gained knowledge with the wisdom,

                                                                       the one who loves The Lord.

The enclaves of The Lord are to commit to unity of purpose,

                                                                     unity of action,

                                                                     unity in manning the prayer closet of companionship.

The enclaves of The Lord are not to be as an outpost on an island with no means to travel,

                                                               as an independent structure which guards its shores from each intrusion,

                                                               as an entity of completeness that repels each adventurer encountered.

The enclaves of The Lord which assume titles borne of deception,

                                          which have lies abounding in their assemblies,

                                          would separate their domains of influence under the guise of innocence,

                                                     will wilt before the onslaught borne of righteous anger,

                                                     will fade before the word of God triumphant,

                                                     will no longer bring doctrines of discrimination into the house of God.

The enclaves of The Lord who have their focus truly set,

                                                          their missions of success,

                                                          their discipling of My sheep,

                                                          their outreach of The Spirit,

                                                          their selflessness intact within a struggle,

                                          restructure for their love of unity as a heart-cry within a nation:

              those are they who read the season within a time,

                                                                                  a time within an age,

                                                                                        an age within a promise;

              those are they with the heartbeat of eternity always to the fore;

              those are they with the heart of unity who will gather like with like,

                                                                                 will merge the enclaves,

                                                                                 will restructure and unite within the will of God.

Such as they will be to the forefront of the welcome,

                     will be standing within the gatherings of preparation,

                     will see the assembling of the saints in unity within My sanctuaries -

             My sanctuaries which will no longer have divisive hosts who mark rolls of separation.”


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