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The Fodder of The Sheepfold (17.6.10)

“The pasture of My sheep is full of nutrients which enhances growth,

                                                                        which speeds volumes of the fodder of the flock,

                                                which prepares for the acceptance of the pasture which offers the fodder to the nations.

My sheep are to offer their fodder,

           in its freshness,

                to the nations which chew as on grits which nourish but the body,

                                                           as on leathered hide which exercise the teeth extracting little worth the swallowing,

                                                           as on the residues of remnants where others have fed before leaving little for the bones.

My sheep are to gather,

                are to learn,

                are to acquire their fodder of the pasture to be laid before the nations in the feeding of the hunger of each spirit

                                                                                                                                                                   with each soul.

My sheep are to be encumbered by their loads of fodder carried,

                                                                                          as prepared,

                                                               so to feed distant additions to My flock with a diet of nourishment.

For the fodder which is carried by My sheep is to oversee the growth of lambs,

                                                                                                                        with the tending of the shepherd,

                                                                                                                into a flock of sheep.

The fodder of the sheepfold grows beneath an open sky.

The fodder of the sheepfold is not green in nature,

                                              is not green when fed,

                                              is not green in immaturity when stacked upon a rack.

The fodder of the sheepfold does not cause indigestion,

                                                      is not a source of wind,

                                                      will not bring vomit to the throat.

The fodder of the sheepfold is to be chewed thoroughly before calling for a swallow,

                                                                       carefully before tasting on the tongue,

                                                                       promptly when withdrawn from storage within a cheek,

                                                                       with caution in the presence of a cough,

                                                                       gently when with a tooth of pain,

                                                                       eagerly when served from upon a table in the presence of a guest.

The fodder of the sheepfold is to be chewed with meditation if the content is unknown,

                                                                                                  if the content has a taste of strangeness,

                                                                                                  if the content does not satisfy the query of the spirit.

The fodder of the sheepfold is prepared with care,

                                              is served in measured portions,

                                              is graded from a lamb unto a sheep.

The fodder of the sheepfold is provisioned in excess,

                                              has no need of hoarding for a day of loss,

                                              must not be traded-in for the gain of man.

The fodder of the sheepfold has its mainstay as the word,

                                              is sustained as the masthead of a meal,

                                              is anchored within the bread and blood of life,

                                              is without a backlash of retribution on the shepherd’s flock.”


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