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The Fulfilment of The Cross (21.11.10)


       The Lord,

               would speak to man this day,

                                     that he may be certain of his stance,

                                     that he may have confidence in his belief,

                                     that he may know within his heart all that which he has found.


       The Lord,

               would say to man this day:

                                    'The finding faith of the wanderers is as the founding faith of the fathers.

                                     The finding faith of the seeker of today is as the founding faith which maps a destiny of love.

                                     The finding faith of the seed of life is as the founding faith which exalts eternal life.'


       The Lord,

               would have man know this day:

                                     As wisdom is allotted so it is advanced upon request.

                                     As mercy is sought so its sharing is taught to those receiving.

                                     As righteousness is acquired so it is assigned with the faith intact.

                                     As righteousness prevails so it enfolds the earth in peace.


       The Lord,

               would counsel man this day:

                                     As forgiveness is practised so the debts are reduced.

                                     As the debtors are reduced so the chains fall off in freedom.

                                     As the chains fall off in freedom so destinies are changed.

                                     As destinies are changed so are gowns bejewelled –

                                                                  so do crowns become significant.

                                     As the crowns become significant so a kingdom receives its citizens;

                                                                            so a kingdom is enhanced by its citizens;

                                                                            so a kingdom attains fulfilment through the promise of the cross.

The fulfilment of the cross is God’s enduring gift to man.

The fulfilment of the cross is evidenced by God’s eternal love of man.

The fulfilment of the cross lay in the raising,

                                                                 in three days,

                                                      of the temple of the promise which healed the rift with man.

The cross of Christ has nails riven through the flesh of man,

                                has thorns driven in a forehead wherein the pain of man was borne,

                                has a gash within a side from where living waters flow in a stream which has no end.

The cross of Christ was foretold,

                                            the harbinger of the outpouring of The Spirit,

                                            the birthplace of a new relationship as the curtain rent asunder:

                                            the pinnacle of conquest of all which God has offered man.

The cross of Christ heard the heartbeat of The Son of God,

                                         the life beat on a tree,

                                         the beat upon a cross which changed the beliefs of man:

                                                       which opened up a destiny for man to receive,

                                                                      in honour,

                                                             the garland deemed due for the wisdom in his usage of his own freewill.

The cross of Christ is now a beacon in a maelstrom of shifting sands,

                                           the kingpin of reference when surveying what a life should value,

                                           a focal point of truthful self-examination when embroiled in a chorus of futility which chants the fortunes
                                                                                                                                                                                                    of the day.


       The Lord,

               would testify to man this day,

                                     I am the way,

                                              the truth,

                                                     and the life.

                                                            No-one comes to The Father except through Me.*”

Scribal Note: John 14:6 NIV, NKJV (*Scripture reference added later)


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