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The Genetics of Man (4.6.10)

“The science of genetics was a puzzle to the world.

The science of genetics started with the improvements to the plants,

                                      progressed to the improvements to the animals,

                                      ends with improvements to the being known as man.

The improvements by man inflicted on his surroundings do not result from wisdom,

                                                                                           do not result from altruistic motives,

                                                                                           do not result from altruistic purposes,

                                                                                           do not result from the statesman with an eye set for the wellbeing of

The improvements by man inflicted on life in his dominion does not contain a mandate to extend into the being known as man.

The improvements by man can be time-bombs of the unexpected,

                                                                            of the unforeseen,

                                                                            of the immoral,

                                                                            of the unprepared.

The improvements by man are often experiments outside the knowledge base of man in areas which wisdom would pre-empt
                                                                                                                                                                     the right of exploration.

The improvements by man are not known as such when applied within the envelope of man,

                                                                                          the life cycle of man,

                                                                                          the glove of man.

Where is the soul of man,

                the spirit of man,

                the being of man with an eternal destiny -

                                   when aroused from items within a test tube which were not prepared by God?

Where is the implanted motivation to return from whence he was created?

Who sub-selected the components that blend together for a life of mixtures outside the laws of God?

Who is the fool who inserts his stupidity into a grand design?

Who is the fool who without authority inflicts harm onto the future life of man?

Who is the fool who muddles in the puddles yet claims the creation of life before his peers?

So shall each be remembered.

So shall each be called before a bar.

So shall each be required to disclose the intent of every heart -

                                     whether in the laboratories of the camps of internment;

                                                                                 of the camps of scholastic supervision;

                                                                                 of the camps of secular reward;

                                                                                 of the camps of the purse strings;

                                                                                 of the camps of isolation;

                                                                                 of the camps of formulation.

Such as they shall be called to account:

                                                       to review the wreckage of the research of the knaves.”


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