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The Movements of Man (11.2.11)

“The end is greater than the beginning, 

                is greater than the journey, 

                is greater than the grave. 


The end surpasses the imaginings of man, 

              surpasses what has been disclosed to man, 

              surpasses the perceptive senses of man. 


The end is but a concept for the understanding of man, 

              is a new beginning of reality for man, 

              is the start of an eternal being whose origin is man. 


The end of life in time – 

                          of the mortality of man – 

              is the pathway through an open door to a dimension without time: 

                          where existence is, 

                          where existence continues,

                          where existence dwells within a new frequency of light which enables transposition.


The end of life in time is when the cycle of the see-saw –

                          of the playground of man – 

              is completed as it is brought to a halt.


The end of life in time completes: 

              on the downbeat of the drummer, 

              on the downbeat of the conductor, 

              on the downbeat of the music-master – 

                                          upon the completion of the score of life. 


For the score of life is played out within the allocated time for man in his mortality, 

                                 reaches its finale, 

                                 has no repeats written in the final bar. 

              So the score of life ends the second movement of man.


So the trumpet call heralds the opening of the third movement designed for man; 

                              the third movement with no repeat in any bar, 

                                                              which does not exhaust the creativity, 

                                                              which has no cycles of recognition, 

                                                              which carries the characters of eternity wherein it is destined to be played.


The third movement of man speaks of many things, 

                                              displays many things, 

                                              opens many things, 

                                              searches many things, 

                                              seeks many things, 

                                              shares many things, 

                                              encourages many things, 

                                              actions many things. 


For the third movement of man is the key to all the things of God. 


For the third movement of man serves the main course to the eternal beings, 

              reborn from man, 

                          who carry with them their commitment of freewill: 

                                        that which brought the sure and certain knowledge of a completed entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life, 

                                        that which brought them to where they dwell, 

                                        that which brought them into the presence of The Light.”


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