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The Naming of Creation (2.1.11)

“The mortal dominion of man includes the right to name, 

                                                                              to name all he encounters, 

                                                                              to name all his hands do make, 

                                                                              to name all his loins produce.

For as a name is declared – 

          is spoken into being – 

                    so it becomes attached to that which has just such a need, 

                                                         to which the uttered syllables are intended to refer, 

                                                         to which the living receive a call to answer.

The allocation of a name is orderly and structured, 

                                         is within the tongues of the vocabularies of man, 

                                         is nascent within the spirit of man, 

                                         is subject to the frown of God when conjured from the soul of man.

The eternal realm of God includes the construct of bestowal of a name, 

                                                                              to name all spoken into existence, 

                                                                              to name every spirit creature of the day, 

                                                                              to name every spirit creature of the night, 

                                                                              to name every spirit being which looks upon the face of God, 

                                                                              to name what is – 

                                                                                                     yet was not.

So does God name the immortal beings to which He gives existence. 

So does God name all the contents of dimensions during their creation by His will. 

So does God not clash the names, 

                     not forget the names, 

                     not disturb the names: 

          for as names receive existence so the record is created, 

                                                            so all data has a relevance of attachment to a source, 

                                                            so cross-indexing is achieved within the household of God.

So the records of life compile with ease of access, 

                                   compile at the behest of God, 

                                   compile for when or if the need for justice should bring them to the fore, 

                                   compile to settle the responsibility for an action in denial, 

                                   compile to ascertain relationships established by the unaware, 

                                   compile for the benefit of man.

The new name written on a white stone is a secret gift from God, 

                                                                is not known by man in his mortality, 

                                                                is the name bestowed by God at the creation of each spirit being of man, 

                                                                                                                                       each of whom God knows, 

                                                                                                                                  each of whom God loves, 

                                                                                                                             each of whom God longs to welcome home – 

                                                                                                       where the time spent in mortality may be shared by all with all.”


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