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The Raining of Jerusalem (10.11.10)

“Jerusalem is the city of the saints.

Jerusalem is the city of Gates.

Jerusalem is the city of memories.

Jerusalem is the city where I have ridden,

                                  where I have walked,

                                  where I was taught,

                                  where I have taught.

Jerusalem is the city where I was tried,

                                  where I was scourged,

                                  where I was mocked,

                                  where I was crucified within earshot of its walls,

                                  where I was buried by man,

                                  where I was raised by The Father,

                                  where I came with The Holy Spirit.

Jerusalem was a kingdom.

Jerusalem will again bring forth a King,

Jerusalem will be renewed.

Jerusalem will have kings and queens as kingdom citizens.

Jerusalem will have its boundaries of its lands re-established as covenanted by the Patriarchs:

                                       in the days of the tribe of Judah –

                                                  with descent down to The Lion.

Would-be usurpers of the Land will not so easily dismiss a covenant of validity held in partnership with God. 

A covenant of validity is enforceable by God.

A covenant of validity holds fast,

                                     is bound,

                                     is sacred,

                              to the word of God.

For The Word of God remembers Abraham as the father of a nation:

                                                                                               a nation with a covenant;

                                                                                               a nation with a relationship;

                                                                                               a nation of the circumcision –

                                                                                     which maintains its walk with God.

For the nation of the circumcision has walked in the fear of God,

                                                       has maintained its days of honour,

                                                       has remembered its encounters worthy of remembrance with its God of honour.

        Its God who lifts His cudgel in defence,

                                                      in defiance of the foes who clamour at His Gates.

Such as they would still gather so to storm in force that which they could not obtain by all the means of violence –

                                                                                                              used while seated as if at peace.

Such as they will choose to wage a war with God. 

        Foolish are they who fight, 

                                  without prospect of a victory, 

                       the nation of the circumcision wherein dwells the heart of faith.

Such as they will encounter the blood-bath of their families,

                                     the destruction of their camps,

              the loss of the flowering of their manhood through and of their own freewill.

Mighty will the dissolution be.

Mighty will be the soaking of the plains of battle.

Mighty will be the residues,

                         the scars,

                         the desolation of the landscape,

                         the desolation of the wives,

                         the desolation of the vanquished who fought against the fear of God.

Those who fought in vain against a nation with My favour did not learn their lesson then,

                                                                                          will not learn their lesson now.

Those who fought in vain suffered loss of standing with their allies,

                                                        loss of pride in their endeavours,

                                                        loss of faith in their counsellors,

                                                        loss of access to their previous rights of possession as their boundaries contracted.

Those who fought in vain have no claim upon the Patriarchs,

                                          have no claim upon the city which they pillaged,

                                          have no claim upon the land borne from any act of misplaced faith,

                                          have no claim with merit within the oversight of God.

Those who fought in vain seek recovery of defeat,

                                          seek conquest of the nation of the covenant,

                                          seek to dispossess a people of the land on which they stand,

                                          seek to obliterate a nation from a map.


     The Lord,

             say this shall not be.

     Their strivings to usurp will vanish as the sunlight lights the dew each day,

                                                       lifts the dew up to the clouds,

                lifts the dew gathered from its time of wandering with the wind,

                                                    from its time of being at the beck and call,

                                                    from its time of seeking a place to leave an imprint.

     For the sunlight will lift the dew so it can condense and rain,

                                                          so it can soften the ground according to the season,

                                                          so it can see the harvest in this time of grace,

                                                          so it can reach out into the harvest to be gathered with all the upright stalks. 

          So will the dew rest on the upright stalks,

          so will the dew subscribe to the wisdom of the plantings,

          so has the dew become the agent for the growth,

                                                the reason for the ripening,

                                                the marking of completion as the harvest is gathered in.

The wisdom of the dew has its memory intact,

                                       has been faithful in the oversight of the planting of The Lord,

                                       has wet,

                                       has rained,

                                       has succoured all which it has encountered.

The wisdom of the dew has left no area untreated,

                                      does not know a desert of its making,

                                      flows as a river of new life that quenches all who thirst.

The dew that is raised in the sunlight is destined later to rain in the glory of the rainbow with its seven colours intact and on display.”


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