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The Shortfall of Man (5.3.11)

“The shortfall of man is a recipe for disaster in the later life of man.

The shortfall of man is not designated by God,

                                  is not invited by God,

                                  is not a defect in man’s being.

The shortfall of man occurs from the extravagancy of man,

                                              from the platter filled specifically for the feasting of his eyes,

                                              from his eyes of desire for what he didn’t know existed,

                                              from his freewill which willingly releases the pursestrings of tomorrow.

So is opened the trapdoor of the devil:

                     the trapdoor around which the devil dances every time it closes,

                     the trapdoor which guards the prison of the debtors,

                     the trapdoor so camouflaged that few there be who realise their predicament,

                     the trapdoor which will not open without an expensive sacrifice of what he formerly held dear,

                     the trapdoor which steals the freewill of man,

                     the trapdoor which assigns man to a life of servitude.

The trapdoor of the devil removes the kingdom life from man,

                                         reduces his expectations,

                                         prevents his aspirations,

                                         limits the resources as provided for the family,

                                         introduces dissent between the spouses,

                                         brings a breakdown in relationships,

                                         reduces a commitment to the living of the kingdom.

                     So the devil chuckles as he performs his war dance of success.

So funds are shared sparingly with eyes upon the morrow for the dread that it will bring.

So man puts off the golden years where he is not required to watch a clock built for control.

So the clock continues to govern all he does,

                                                     all he has,

                                                     all his hopes,

                                                     all his dreams,

                                                     all his relationships –

                     as servitude within the trapdoor adjusts his mentality for acceptance of his lot.


       that man would awake to not having wants that preclude a life of victory,

                                                                                                of freedom of the soul,

                                                                                                of freedom of the spirit,

                                                                                                of freedom of freewill –

                          that which was given to man that he might acquire the knowledge with the wisdom from His loving God.


       that man would escape the confines attending the pursuit of wealth he does not need.


       that man would realize the sufficiency of The God of love,

                                            the counselling of The Holy Spirit.


       that man would appreciate the integrity and the beauty of protection found within the freewill of man.

       For foolish is he who lives a life where his freewill has the licence to run amok.

Beware the man who sells his hands without regard to consequence.

Beware the man who sells his mind without regard to application.

Beware the man who sells his soul without consideration of eternity.

Beware the man who sells all he has to offer without determining the value of the recompense with all which it entails.

Beware the man who buys,

                           who trades,

                           who acquires the wants of man –

                                                                    with an empty purse.


     The Lord,

              say to man in order he may appreciate,

                                              he may assess,

                                              he may understand:

                                  the shortfall of man is not a fact of life,

                                                                   is a result of choice,

                                                                   is the squandering of the labour of tomorrow prior to the closure of today.

For wisdom decrees the jewels of man –

       the trinkets of the heart –

                arise within the dominion of the satanic throne,

                        that they are of little intrinsic worth when rust and moths attack all but the debts incurred.

                Acquisition of the jewels of man enslave man until the grave where he is forced to wave their remnants all farewell
                                                                                                                                                                for a future life of paucity.

For wisdom decrees the jewels of God –

       carried without a burden as they bedeck the gown of life –

                arise in mortality with the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven,

                         pass easily through the refiner’s fire,

                                   are free from earthly attack,

                                   are saved up as items of great worth within a life of continuation,

                        come into their glory as they await those passing through the gateway of the grave.”


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