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The Tears of Man (17.11.10)

“The tears of man are highly valued by The Lord. 

The tears of man are of significance to the heart, 

                            are his alone to own, 

                            are his alone to shed, 

                            are his alone to wipe from a cheek where they are caught.

The tears of man are mingled with despair, 

                            are mingled with a foregone rage, 

                            are mingled with a grand delight, 

                            are mingled with a loss when in a season of farewell.

The tears of man are mingled with old age when presented with a memory, 

                            are mingled when the child feels lost in need of comfort, 

                            are mingled when in pain with a voice of anguish. 

The tears of man are mingled when he has no power to comfort the distraught, 

                                                                     no power to heal the broken-hearted, 

                                                                     no power to change the sayings of the past which fed the rift which stains a soul.

The tears of man are mingled with remorse when the flow is from a contrite heart, 

                                                                                              is in the presence of The Holy Spirit, 

                                                                                              is within the counselling of God.

The tears of man call for the arms of comfort, 

                            call for more than a caring glance, 

                            call for more than a pat upon the shoulder, 

                            call for more than a casual enquiry as to health.

The tears of man may speak of a spouse who feels neglect, 

                            may speak of an empty vase which never sees a flower, 

                            may speak of the need for compassion in a life. 

The tears of man may speak of a relationship which needs a needle and a thread, 

                            may speak of loneliness of a spirit always kept in waiting, 

                            may speak of effort never recognised, 

                            may speak of love without the words of affirmation, 

                                                          without the deeds of confirmation, 

                                                          without the attention which brings solace to the soul.

The tears of man are a sign of high emotions which have overflowed the dam of life, 

                                                                                                        the dam which holds the waters in containment, 

                                                                                                 the dam which has a spillway to the world which sparkles in the sun. 

For when the tears of man do flow within the spillway of his spirit so are the waters of his soul soaking the earth on which he stands, 

                                                                                                           so are there angels in attendance, 

                                                                                                           so is the entry in the book extended to record the soaking of the
                                                                                                                 earth by the tears of man.

For such is the effect of a single teardrop; 

               for it brings new life to its surroundings as the waters of the spirit are shed to trickle down the spillway as a semblance of
                                                                                                 all that is retained within the dam.”


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