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The Waves of God (3.12.10)

“The waves of God break upon the earth, 

                                wash over all the souls encountered, 

                                place them upright within the function of each wave. 


The waves of God assimilate the sin encountered, 

                               overlook those who insist there be no change, 

                               circumvent the radical who refuse an offered hand. 


The waves of God change the environment of man, 

                               make an impact on a shoreline, 

                               are carried by the surges until another shore. 


The waves of God thrust life choices to the fore, 

                               test those who try to run away, 

                               await those who would play within a muddy pool. 


The waves of God bring a flood tide of the holiness of God, 

                                        a flood tide of the presence of God, 

                                        a flood tide long to be remembered by those who have their souls; 

                                                                                                        their spirits; 

                                                                                                        their bodies: 

                                                                                                             turned – 

                                                                                                             centred anew – 

                                                   as the flood tide instals new objectives into their expectations for their lives. 


The flood tide of The Lord comes as an ebb and flow, 

                                            comes with peaks and troughs, 

                                            comes with depth and shallowness. 


The flood tide of The Lord knows the level of immersion required for the attentive span of man, 

                                            knows the time-span of freewill when man presents an open heart, 

                                            knows the effect on man when repentance is sincere, 

                                            knows the effect on man when repentance is insincere, 

                                            knows the effect on man when sin is hidden behind a barricade which is deemed secure, 

                                            knows the effect on man when sin is carried into the grave.


The flood tide of The Lord knows the effect on man when he is highlighted within the spotlight of God, 

                                                                  when he is safely encompassed by the searchlight of God, 

                                             when the lighting of his way will so illumine his pathway of ascent into the presence of his God. 


For then man will no longer play in the muddy puddles of the earth, 

                                                     in the sequestering corridors of power, 

                                                     in the barren wilderness as of a desert: 

                                                                         where his name is rarely called, 

                                                                         where few have the want to care, 

                                                                         where the loneliness of self still dwells in the midst of crowds, 

                                                                         where more is no longer sufficient for the day. 


For then will man achieve peace within his heart, 

                                           joy within his soul, 

                                           jubilation within his spirit – 

                         as his knowledge and freewill attain alignment with the wisdom and the will of God.


For then will man be a friend of God, 

               will man be welcomed into the household of God, 

               will man receive a crown which surmounts a gown.


For then will man inherit the promises of God: 

                                                          within his walk of righteousness, 

                                               secured through his faith.”


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