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This Day (25.9.10)

“This day, 


               The Lord Jesus, 

               The Light of The World, 

                The Sender of The Holy Spirit, 

                The Doer of The Father’s Will, 

                           bring a message of import to the domiciles of man - 

                                      to all who live therein, 

                                      to all who hunger for knowledge of The Loving God who is intertwined with the mortality of man.

This day let redemption, 



              come to your domicile on earth.

This day let your heart be open to all The Loving God has said, 

                                                                                        has done, 

                                                                                        has covenanted in the past, 

                                                                                             in the present, 

                                                                                             in the future, 

                                                                        to do as he has committed by His written and His spoken word.

This day He who would be your loving God affirms His written word, 

                                                                                    His spoken word, 

                                                                            shall stand as in the past, 

                                                                            shall stand as in the present, 

                                                                            shall stand for all eternity without correction.

This day the Deity of all creation invites an enduring relationship with all those who live upon the earth - 

                 that they may be well acquainted with all The Deity of Eternity has to offer man - 

                                                                                                    the covenants of promise, 

                                                                                                    the homeward journey with a light before, 

                                                                                                    the companionship of God, 

                                                                                                    the counsel of His Spirit, 

                                                                                                    the conversion to a temple as progress to an eternal existence - 

                                                                                                           in the presence of His God who has prepared a place for him.

                   Mighty are the ways of God, 

                                      Mighty is His patience, 

                                      Mighty is His love, 

                                      Mighty is his provision, 

                                      Mighty is His jurisdiction, 

                                      Mighty is His Name above all the other gods of man.

This day, 


          The Lord Jesus, 

                   would have man know the sands of time approach their time of ending.

                   Let he who has understanding not fall into the pit of procrastination from where the false prophets call.

                   Let he who has understanding seek the light while the sands still flow.

                   Let he who has understanding -




                   Let he who has knowledge seek understanding.

                   Let he who has no knowledge cease to be a fool.

                   Let he who has understanding follow in the way of the footsteps of The Lord -

                                                              in the quest for living water and the mercy of The Cross.”


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