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The Wave of Unity (6.8.10)

“Man is in love with his way of doing things,

                          with his way of being,

                          with his way of inheritance.

Man is loathe to change one way for another,

                                       one way above another,

                                       one way as superior to all the other options.

Man is comfortable in knowing what is expected,

                                                    what can be expected,

                                                    what will be expected.

Man can be his own worst enemy when he cannot see what stares him in the face.

Man has a history of success in the change he has accepted,

                                               in the change he has discarded.

Man has a history of being governed by his own self-interest.

Man will vote for those who curry favour.

Man can be convinced by a promise with advantage.

Man has a habit of breaking the bounds of containment,

                                              the bounds of confinement,

                                              the bounds set for the guarding of his soul.

Man has a history of a quest for freedom,

                              of a quest for discovery,

                              of a quest for exploration.

The quests of man are inclined to lead him in a wrong direction,

                               are rarely governed by a higher vision,

                               are usually in pursuit of an unending chase to fill a purse,

                                                                  of an experiment with all that is on offer,

                                                                  of an absence of input to his spirit or his soul in the time of preparation.

The quests of man are rarely sanctioned by the heavens,

                               are rarely referred to the heavens,

                               are rarely blessed by the heavens.

The quests of man often result in destinations which result in calls for assistance,

                                                                                               in calls to be rescued,

                                                                                               in calls to regain what has been lost.

The calls of man are sometimes like an echo in a cavern which does not reach the light,

                                                                                           which bounces back before attention is gained,

                                                                                           which is heard but as a whisper when it can be ignored.

The calls of man can be amplified with skill,

                            can be magnified yet still not heard,

                            can be cast across the skies to distant shores.

The calls of man are not often projected to a loving God until man sees a need arise for which his resources are inadequate.

The calls of man are singular in purpose,

                            are centred on the self,

                            are based on his experience.

The calls of man are as when he is stranded in a minefield,

                                                     has no recourse to a map of safety,

                                                     is about to be engulfed in darkness with the setting of the sun.

The calls of man are often made when he is scared to move,

                                                     when every option threatens a downward motion,

                                                     when he has long forgotten he can reach out to the light.

The opinions of man are rarely well-considered,

                                  are rarely related to reality,

                                  are rarely without reflection of a life of bias.

The opinions of man are rarely open to re-interpretation,

                                  are rarely voiced without an interruption,

                                  are rarely heard to completion when seen as a proposal for change.

The opinions of man are sometimes with great merit,

                                  are sometimes well worth the time to listen,

                                  are sometimes the harbingers of change.

The harbingers of change are the heralds so prepared,

                                          are the heralds with a message,

                                          are the heralds whose opinions carry the weight of an assignment.

The harbingers of change see systems out of agreement,

                                          see points of dissent emphasised beyond their due,

                                          see unity missing from the forefront of the wave,

                                          see unity missing when the lip starts to curl,

                                          see unity missing when the body self-destroys,

                                                                       when the body pounds upon a bar of sands,

                                                                       when a majestic wave is reduced to rivulets in retreat.

A majestic wave is a sight to behold,

                            dwells within the depths,

                            holds the attention of the surfer,

                            rears in its beach approach,

                            spreads within the shallows,

                            gathers all its forces to plan for its next attack.

A majestic wave is not daunted by the prospect,

                            is not daunted by its call to charge,

                            is not daunted by its given task.

A majestic wave can change the shape of its attack,

                                               the shape on which it falls,

                                               the shape to so be modified as it so withdraws,

                                                                                            as it so erodes,

                                                                                            as it so deposits:

                                                                                                      the lifeblood of  the wave –

                                                                                                              the energy which gave it life –

                                                                                                                    to wear away the rocks,

                                                                                                                    to impact upon the sands.

The energy which gave it life perseveres with change,

                                                perseveres with repetition,

                                                perseveres with the weight of water until measured in the flood-tide of success.

The energy which gave it life enables the majestic wave to carry all before it until the change is made,

                                                                                                  until the boundary of contentment is established by its reach,

                                                                                                  until the laws of establishment draw attention to another site.

The laws of establishment have moulded many sites:

                                                                 sites with many differences,

                                                                 sites which do not communicate as if they were on a foreign shore,

                                                                 sites which would change the sands,

                                                                 sites which would change the water,

                                                                 sites which would prefer to move to where the wave is not so high,

                                                                 sites which wish to install a breakwater round all that they possess,

                                                                 sites which prevent sands from other sites to gather on the ones they claim as theirs,

                                                                 sites which do not accept the changes wrought by waves,

                                                                 sites which do not recognise the many different waves which have visited over time,

                                                                 sites which did not welcome the big waves and the small,

                                                                 sites which will prevent the wave’s removal of the dross.

The laws of establishment know sites which are not recognized as knowing the same wave of creation:

                                                                                               the wave with unity of purpose,

                                                                     the wave which carries a belief within itself which wets each site within its reach.

The wetting of a site is an auspicious moment:

                                                        for its beliefs are washed away,

                                                                the majestic wave installs its own beliefs for being.

The majestic wave sees the arrival of unity of belief in all the sites it visits.

The majestic wave sees the dross of dissension taken out to sea;

                                       the dross of all the site’s so valued points of differences now paled into insignificance:

                                       the dross left lying in the way to confuse,

                                                                                        to cover up,

                                                                                                   the sands.

The sands wetted by the majestic wave know commonality of purpose,

                                                                know commonality of belief,

                                                                know commonality of the destiny of protection of the majestic wave.

The sands wetted by the majestic wave no longer are oppressed by rocks within their midst,

                                                                                                       by rocks which roll and crush,

                                                                                                       by rocks which dominate the sites,

                                                                                                       by rocks which shatter under stress,

                                                                                                       by rocks which resist the upheaval of the wave of change,

                                                                                                       by rocks which are determined to be the biggest rock on
                                                                                                                                                           any site in which they sit,

                                                                                                       by rocks which cast their shadows on the sands of time.

The sites of unity are joyous to behold,

                             are joyous to visit,

                             are open to the weather –

                                                         know The Spirit’s reign,

                                                         know The Spirit’s flame,

                                                                       await the clouds of conquest,

                                                                       await the expected day which carries a new dawn.

The sites of unity welcome the wave of The Spirit bringing the tongues of fire,

                             open with great excitement every gift bestowed, 

                             speak with jubilation in their testimonies of the wave they expect to see.

The coming wave of unity comes with great commitment.

The coming wave does not wet a site where defences are evident:

                                                                                  rushes past and leaves it in its wake.

The coming wave will not caress the rocks stuck firmly in their site of preference,

                             will persevere to wash to another site the sands on which they sleep.

The coming wave offers faith –

                                            with hope –

                                            with joy – 

                         to all who would venture to dip their toes into this wave of wonder,

                                                                                            into this wave of majesty,

                                                                                            into this wave which soon breaks upon the earth.

The wave of wonder invites all to participate in this time for decision of each soul of man.

The wave of wonder invites all who would seek eternal life in the presence of a loving God to sprout the seed of faith buried
                                                                                                                                                                              within each soul.

The wave of wonder invites families to unite in the confessions of their faith,

                                                           of the repentance of their souls.

The wave of wonder invites attendance as the sites unite,

                                                                as the wave unfolds,

                                                                as testimonies are established within the souls of man.

The wave of wonder invites kings and queens to bring their kingdom citizens into a knowledge of what is to be –

                                                                   to adjust their laws –

                                                                         so they may all participate at the unfurling of eternity.

The wave of wonder invites those without satanic covenants,

                                                                    where bloodlust is to the fore,

                                                       to repent of sin:

                                                       to seek forgiveness from the God of love who will open wide the door.

The wave of wonder invites those with satanic covenants to disavow their oaths threefold in a public witness; 

                                                                                             to have the generational curses inherent in that covenant broken
                                                                                                                        before a temple of the Holy Spirit;

                                                                                             to a new commitment to the loving God who once died as man
                                                                                                                        upon a cross.

The time of grace is for the acceptance of the offer –

                                                                    the offer of the erasure of the sins upon the slate of life, 

                                                                    the offer of reconciliation with the God of love, 

                                                                    the offer of His company within the folds of eternity.”


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