My Scrolls

My Servants in India (30.12.11)

“My servants sow the seeds of signs and wonders in the land of India.

My servants impress the need for righteousness,

                                  the need for heartfelt prayer,

                                  the need to be fixated as a dog is on a bone,

                                                                     as a goal is kept within the sight of day,

                                                                     as a target for ardent prayer is nurtured in much faith.

My servants are at the forefront of the outreach of My Spirit,

                     are not expected to lag behind,

                     are not casually positioned,

                     are not deafened to a need,

                     are not forsaken by My Spirit’s call.

My servants are at the reaping of the harvest,

                     are at the attending of the annunciations of My Spirit,

                     are the vehicles of transmission of My word,

                                                                         of the wisdom of My Spirit,

                                                                         of the knowledge there imparted at a divine appointment.

My servants are the carts behind the bullocks,

                           the wagons behind the water buffalo,

                           the followers of the sentinel who lights the placing of their feet.

My servants know the blessings of My Spirit,

                     know to wield My word with substance and with grace,

                     know to hearken to My Spirit as counsellor and affirmer,

                     know to pray within the will of God,

                     know the need to have familiarity with the will of God,

                     know how to seek,

                     know how to declare,

                     know how to loose and bind.

My servants know how to fulfill the expectations God has for His servants.

My servants know the faith which calls down the fire of heaven –

                                                to thereby bring the warmth of healing to My people –

                                                to thereby remove demonic influences –

                                                to thereby instate the tongues of heaven –

                                                to thereby announce the very presence of the God of Love –

                                                to thereby create a testimony of the God who seeks involvement in their lives.

My servants know the faith which does not waver,

                               the grace which does not depart,

                               the gifts which are not withdrawn.

My servants know the reality of that of which they share,

                               the being as the reason for their presence,

                               the authority with the signs and wonders as God upholds His word,

                                                                                                       His servants,

                                                                                                       His Spirit,

                                                                                                                   before the face of man.

My servants have their trust firmly embedded in the integrity of God,

                                                                          in the power displayed which defies the explanations of man,

                                                                          in the miracles encountered within the healing power of God,

                                                                          in the upholding of the will of God as spoken by His servants,

                           in the uplifting by the will of God with both the knowledge and the wisdom of His servants bound in faith.”


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