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The Coming Storm (29.9.11)

 The Coming Storm 400

“The coming storm encompasses the storm of scripture,

                                encompasses the storm of prophecy,

                                encompasses the storm of tribulation,

                                encompasses the storm of fire,

                                encompasses the storm of earth,

                                encompasses the storm of Satan,

                                encompasses the storm of man,

                                                                        is about to be upon the earth,

                                                                        is about to tear the fabric of the societies of man,

                                                                        is about to be visited upon the distress of man.

For as the storm prevails over the life of man so one has its floodgates opened,

                                                                     so one has its surges of discontent,

                                                                     so one hearkens to the voice of God,

                                                                     so one bows before the waves of The Spirit,

                                                                     so one comes in crests and troughs,

                                                                     so one peaks in a crescendo,

                                                                     so one retreats into the silence of completion.

For as the storm transmits its being into the life of man so man turns in understanding,

                                                                         so man accesses what he did not know,

                                                                         so man suffers unto death for the sin he carries,

                                                                         so man bears witness of his heart,

                                                                         so man knows a shaking for attention,

                                                                         so man surrenders the freewill of his soul,

                                                                         so man exhibits his malevolence set free.

So the coming storm is the prelude to the end of grace,

                                  is either the prelude to a change of heart,

                                                 or the prelude to reinforcement of what already is,

                                  is either the prelude to a welcome by the founder of the universe,

                                                 or the prelude to segregation via judgment well foretold.

The coming storm tests the preparation,

                              tests the knowledge,

                              tests the wisdom,

                              tests the spirit,

                              tests the soul,

                       of the being of creation known as man.”


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