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The Divine Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel - Ch 42 (22.11.11)

Eze 42:1   Then he brought me out into the outer court, by the way toward the north; and he brought me into the chamber which was opposite the separating courtyard, and which was opposite the building toward the north.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants come and go.

His servants bustle hustle jostle.

His servants take according to the size of pot.

His servants do not know the constraints of God,

                     do not know My will,

                     do not seek confirmation of My Spirit in advance.”

Eze 42:2   Facing the length, which was one hundred cubits (the width was fifty cubits), was the north door.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants are self-named.

His servants carry sin in the absence of repentance,

                                    in the absence of impunity,

                                    in the face of the defiance of My word,

                                    in the face of the likely consequences.

His servants boast and count.

His servants listen and dismiss.

His servants gloat and scoff.”

Eze 42:3   Opposite the inner court of twenty cubits, and opposite the pavement of the outer court, was gallery against gallery in three stories.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants are anathema to the flock of God.

His servants circle and separate,

                     seize and keep,

                     gnaw and incapacitate.

His servants scowl and control,

                     argue and backbite,

                     grab and store.

His servants bicker and dismay,

                     influence and corrupt,

                     chatter and reveal.

His servants entice and tempt,

                     display and accompany,

                     settle and mislead.”

Eze 42:4   In front of the chambers, toward the inside, was a walk ten cubits wide, at a distance of one cubit; and their doors faced north.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants are the drivers of discord,

                       are the smiters of the night,

                       are the purveyors of the drivel,

                       are the rustlers of the day.

His servants encamp within the bounds of temples,

                                  within the bounds of man,

                                  within the milieux of the lost.”

Eze 42:5   Now the upper chambers were shorter, because the galleries took away space from them more than from the lower and middle stories of the building.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants secrete and deposit,

                       impart and surround,

                       despise and linger.

His servants impose and entangle,

                     delay and forestall,

                     withdraw and regather.

His servants answer and confess,

                     cheat and lie,

                     assemble and attack.”

Eze 42:6   For they were in three stories and did not have pillars like the pillars of the courts; therefore the upper level was shortened more than the lower and middle levels from the ground up.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants retreat and reassemble,

                       appeal and admit,

                       assess and initiate.

His servants report and administer,

                     open and infect,

                     trouble and influence.

His servants access and cling,

                     install and impede,

                     listen and block.”

Eze 42:7   And a wall which was outside ran parallel to the chambers, at the front of the chambers, toward the outer court; its length was fifty cubits.

Divine Commentary –

“His servants are the objects of great evil,

                      are the servants of the foe of man,

                      are the breeders of confusion for the soul,

                                                of controversy for the spirit,

                                                of contagion for the body,

                      are the contaminants of man.

His servants have a destiny reserved which is met with disbelief.”

Eze 42:8   The length of the chambers toward the outer court was fifty cubits, whereas that facing the temple was one hundred cubits. 

Eze 42:9   At the lower chambers was the entrance on the east side, as one goes into them from the outer court. 

Eze 42:10   Also there were chambers in the thickness of the wall of the court toward the east, opposite the separating courtyard and opposite the building. 

Eze 42:11   There was a walk in front of them also, and their appearance was like the chambers which were toward the north; they were as long and as wide as the others, and all their exits and entrances were according to plan. 

Eze 42:12   And corresponding to the doors of the chambers that were facing south, as one enters them, there was a door in front of the walk, the way directly in front of the wall toward the east. 

Eze 42:13   Then he said to me, "The north chambers and the south chambers, which are opposite the separating courtyard, are the holy chambers where the priests who approach the LORD shall eat the most holy offerings. There they shall lay the most holy offerings—the grain offering, the sin offering, and the trespass offering—for the place is holy. 

Eze 42:14   "When the priests enter them, they shall not go out of the holy chamber into the outer court; but there they shall leave their garments in which they minister, for they are holy. They shall put on other garments; then they may approach that which is for the people." 

Eze 42:15   Now when he had finished measuring the inner temple, he brought me out through the gateway that faces toward the east, and measured it all around. 

Eze 42:16   He measured the east side with the measuring rod, five hundred rods by the measuring rod all around. 

Eze 42:17   He measured the north side, five hundred rods by the measuring rod all around. 

Eze 42:18   He measured the south side, five hundred rods by the measuring rod. 

Eze 42:19   He came around to the west side and measured five hundred rods by the measuring rod. 

Eze 42:20   He measured it on the four sides; it had a wall all around, five hundred cubits long and five hundred wide, to separate the holy areas from the common.

NKJV Footnotes:

     *  (42:16) Compare 40:5


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