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The Divine Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel - Ch 45 (24.11.11)

Eze 45:1   "Moreover, when you divide the land by lot into inheritance, you shall set apart a district for the LORD, a holy section of the land; its length shall be twenty-five thousand cubits, and the width ten thousand. It shall be holy throughout its territory all around.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants keep sacred the things of God,

                                                  protect them from the profane,

                                                  uphold them before God.

My servants with souls of light may come before My altar,

                                                   may attend the preparation with the serving,

                                  of all which is done in My remembrance by the saints of God.

My servants have no shelter in their sin before the sacrament of God.

My servants have no covering of life if they bring profanity to My cup when raised to their lips.

My servants focus contamination on their mouth when placing the bread of life into a cavern of disgust.

My servants often skip over My words requiring purity before the table of The Lord.”

Eze 45:2   "Of this there shall be a square plot for the sanctuary, five hundred by five hundred rods, with fifty cubits around it for an open space.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants,

           in wisdom,

                      should confess in love and affirmation when in possession of a repentant heart.

My servants can stall their progress with their God without having the assurance of My Spirit:

                                                                                                         as they come before the throne of God.

My servants must not become complacent in their observance of My sacrament of honour:

                                                                                                         where they become forgetful of My grace.

     For as each appears before the altar of The Lamb:

                                                         so he will be accepted or rejected –

                                                                                 for his level of preparation for the bride.

     For this is the time for the preparation of My servants:

                                       wise are they who attend to the changes needed –

                                                                                                  for the purity of My bride.

     For as each partakes of My sacrament so the bells of angels toll:

                                                                                     in the love time of My blessings;

                                                                                     in the panic of alarm.

     So the record stands until the call for grace descends:

                                                                        both to forgive and to erase.

My servants are ill-advised not to guard their souls while it is today.”

Eze 45:3   "So this is the district you shall measure: twenty-five thousand cubits long and ten thousand wide; in it shall be the sanctuary, the Most Holy Place.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants are rebuked when they are in danger of breaching what is acceptable before The Lord,

                                                                                                       what is acceptable in their daily lives,

                                                                                                       what is acceptable in their walk with God.

My servants sometimes need the rebuke of love as they are seen to walk in peril:

                                                                                        close to the edges of the straight and narrow way.

My servants are rebuked for walking along the edges of the cliff tops:

                                                                                        without the security of a net.

My servants are rebuked for needlessly putting their lives at risk:

                                                                                        when preparation is not yet complete.

My servants are rebuked,

                              with a short reminder from My Spirit,

                                                                                        when the tongues of My servants are victims of demonic slips.”

Eze 45:4   "It shall be a holy section of the land, belonging to the priests, the ministers of the sanctuary, who come near to minister to the LORD; it shall be a place for their houses and a holy place for the sanctuary.

Divine Commentary –

“My servant is rebuked when his soul is still not under the control of his spirit.

My servant is rebuked at failure to heed the call to visit My prophet John.

My servant is rebuked when the input to his eyes;

                                                             to his ears;

                                                     carry the depravity of man,

                                                     carry demonic content,

                                                     carry the violence of man:

                                                                      into the temple of My Spirit.

My servant is rebuked when unloving speech is directed at a spouse,

                                                                                           at a child,

                                                                                           at another saint of God.

My servant is rebuked when a soul in anger bubbles to the surface,

                                    when a soul in outburst becomes as a volcano spewing with great ferment of intent,

                                    when a soul in rage spews profanity abroad.

My servant of rebuke may have a need for reparation,

                                                    a need for apology for the attacking of the righteous,

                                                    a need for forgiveness by his brothers for his deed of shame.

My servant may have a need to stand in repentance before the assembly of God.”

Eze 45:5   "An area twenty-five thousand cubits long and ten thousand wide shall belong to the Levites, the ministers of the temple; they shall have twenty chambers as a possession.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants are enthralled by the miracles of God,

                                             by the healings of God,

                                             by the wonders of God,

                                             by the signs of God.

My servants are attentive to the counsel of My Spirit,

                    are attentive to the gifts of My Spirit,

                    are attentive to the presence of My Spirit with a flaming torch.

My servants are receptive to the will of God,

                    are directed within the will of God,

                    are witnesses to the blessings issuing under the will of God.

My servants are affirmed in their callings by My Spirit.

My servants are honoured by God,

                                              before the eyes of man,

                                  as they carry the fear of God throughout the earth.”

Eze 45:6   "You shall appoint as the property of the city an area five thousand cubits wide and twenty-five thousand long, adjacent to the district of the holy section; it shall belong to the whole house of Israel.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants embrace their loving God,

                       embrace the calls to praise,

                       embrace the calls to worship,

                       embrace the calls to prayer.

My servants embrace knowledge of their God.

My servants embrace the wisdom of their God.

My servants embrace all they hold dear of their salvation:

                                                        in hearts now reconciled with God.”

Eze 45:7   "The prince shall have a section on one side and the other of the holy district and the city's property; and bordering on the holy district and the city's property, extending westward on the west side and eastward on the east side, the length shall be side by side with one of the tribal portions, from the west border to the east border.

Divine Commentary –

“My servants are the focus point of God.

My servants are the cynosure of My eyes.

My servants are the hope for the lost of God.

My servants are the blessed,

                    are the honoured,

                    are the highlights of the freewill of man.”

Eze 45:8   "The land shall be his possession in Israel; and My princes shall no more oppress My people, but they shall give the rest of the land to the house of Israel, according to their tribes." 

Eze 45:9   'Thus says the Lord GOD: "Enough, O princes of Israel! Remove violence and plundering, execute justice and righteousness, and stop dispossessing My people," says the Lord GOD. 

Eze 45:10   "You shall have honest scales, an honest ephah, and an honest bath. 

Eze 45:11   "The ephah and the bath shall be of the same measure, so that the bath contains one-tenth of a homer, and the ephah one-tenth of a homer; their measure shall be according to the homer. 

Eze 45:12   "The shekel shall be twenty gerahs; twenty shekels, twenty-five shekels, and fifteen shekels shall be your mina. 

Eze 45:13   "This is the offering which you shall offer: you shall give one-sixth of an ephah from a homer of wheat, and one-sixth of an ephah from a homer of barley. 

Eze 45:14   "The ordinance concerning oil, the bath of oil, is one-tenth of a bath from a kor. A kor is a homer or ten baths, for ten baths are a homer. 

Eze 45:15   "And one lamb shall be given from a flock of two hundred, from the rich pastures of Israel. These shall be for grain offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings, to make atonement for them," says the Lord GOD. 

Eze 45:16   "All the people of the land shall give this offering for the prince in Israel. 

Eze 45:17   "Then it shall be the prince's part to give burnt offerings, grain offerings, and drink offerings, at the feasts, the New Moons, the Sabbaths, and at all the appointed seasons of the house of Israel. He shall prepare the sin offering, the grain offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings to make atonement for the house of Israel." 

Eze 45:18   'Thus says the Lord GOD: "In the first month, on the first day of the month, you shall take a young bull without blemish and cleanse the sanctuary. 

Eze 45:19   "The priest shall take some of the blood of the sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the temple, on the four corners of the ledge of the altar, and on the gateposts of the gate of the inner court. 

Eze 45:20   "And so you shall do on the seventh day of the month for everyone who has sinned unintentionally or in ignorance. Thus you shall make atonement for the temple. 

Eze 45:21   "In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall observe the Passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be eaten. 

Eze 45:22   "And on that day the prince shall prepare for himself and for all the people of the land a bull for a sin offering. 

Eze 45:23   "On the seven days of the feast he shall prepare a burnt offering to the LORD, seven bulls and seven rams without blemish, daily for seven days, and a kid of the goats daily for a sin offering. 

Eze 45:24   "And he shall prepare a grain offering of one ephah for each bull and one ephah for each ram, together with a hin of oil for each ephah. 

Eze 45:25   "In the seventh month, on the fifteenth day of the month, at the feast, he shall do likewise for seven days, according to the sin offering, the burnt offering, the grain offering, and the oil."

NKJV Footnotes:

      *  (45:5) Following Masoretic Text, Targum, and Vulgate; Septuagint reads a possession, cities of dwelling.


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