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The Gratitude of Man (14.12.11)

“Gratitude is not easily instilled in man,

                  is often not expressed by man,

                  is often not found within a culture,

                  is often not encouraged by the parents,

                  is often not heard within a family,

                  is often not mentioned in a prayer,

                  is often not inherent in a gift.

Gratitude can be the missing link to the unlocking of a heart,

                                                      to the meeting of a need,

                                                      to the answering of prayer,

                                                      to the presenting of a gift,

                                                      to the fellowship of man.

Gratitude can be the missing link to fellowship with God,

                                                      to a beacon in the sky which guides the angels,

                                                      to a beacon on the earth which repels the demons,

                                                      to a beacon in a temple which confirms a guest at home.

Gratitude is issued from within the heart of man,

                is a sign of well-being,

                is a sign of cleanliness,

                is a sign of a growing spirit,

                is a sign of a seeking soul with favour to the fore.

Gratitude is evident with a handshake of sincerity,

                                 with a mouth avoiding triteness of expression,

                                 with a written word espousing all which has gone before in easing the environment of man.

Gratitude is recognizable as a smile-enhancing attribute,

                                         as arising from a willing platform tendering assistance,

                                         as arising in response to a frantic call for help,

                                         as arising in the presence of an unexpected benefit,

                                         as arising from a service not rendered superficially,

                                         as arising from a pleasant surprise within the day,

                                         as arising from a measure deemed well in excess of the minimum.

Gratitude is not offered for reward,

                is not tendered for recognition,

                is not sought as an entry standing as a record.

Gratitude is the namesake of appreciation:

                                         for the expression of a kindness,

                                         for thankfulness attributed where pride is not evident,

                                         for the granting of a favour with payment unexpected.

Gratitude rewards the giver and the thanker,

                              the receiver and the offerer,

                              the target and the sender.

Gratitude appears as anathema to the unforgiving,

                appears as a blessing to the humble,

                appears as a stumbling block to the proud,

                appears as gratuitous to the insincere,

                appears as wasted to the selfish,

                appears as a millstone round the neck of the self-centred.

Gratitude speaks of a grateful heart for what has been received,

                speaks of a loving spirit for what has been imparted,

                speaks of a soul appreciative of the counsel,

                                                               of instruction,

                                                               of the teaching:

                                                      as part of the offering from God.

Gratitude conveys a message straight from the heart of man to the heart of God.

Gratitude is the strengthener of the bonds of love.

Gratitude is the builder of a relationship with God.

Gratitude invigorates the spirit and the soul of man.

Gratitude is the heart throb of eternity,

                fills the well of life to overflowing,

                is as the anchor chain holding the ship of man in safety when at rest within a harbour.

The gratitude of man always is fully heard when in a discourse with The Father.

The gratitude of man always has attention when in the prayer time to The Son.

The gratitude of man always is conveyed when uttered in a tongue of My Spirit.

The gratitude of man always is well received by his loving God.”


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