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The Holiness of God (12.1.12)

The Holiness of God does not dwell among the babble of man,

                                   does not dwell among the multitudes of man,

                                   does not dwell in the outpourings of the requests of man.

The Holiness of God is a place of fear,

                                   is a place of intense communion,

                                   is a place where Abba and agapé are fully understood.

The Holiness of God cannot be breached by the will of man,

                                   cannot be usurped by evil,

                                   cannot be approached from a basis of idolatry.

The Holiness of God is not a venue for the complacent of heart and spirit,

                                                          for the looseness of the tongue of man,

                                                          for the shallow waters barely to the ankles of man.

The Holiness of God instates ongoing dialogue in the closest of relationships,

                                   presents the will of God where it will not be ignored,

                                   sanctifies a soul with the assent of God.

The Holiness of God is for My servants prepared and equipped to approach,

                                                                             to converse with,

                                                                             to hear and to listen to,

                                                                             to wait upon,

                                                                                 the very presence of their God.

The Holiness of God has no cause for the fear of man,

                                   does not call for the retreat of man,

                                   does not invite where uncleanliness prevents.

The Holiness of God does not recognize a heart intending to repent,

                                                                  a heart which lingers near a dustbin,

                                                                  a heart which knows the waste waters of past bathing.

The Holiness of God tracks those who are instilled with the discipleship of The Holy Spirit,

                                                      who have modified their walk,

                                                      who have acknowledged their mistakes,

                                                      who have sought and used the gifts of God within the will of God.

The Holiness of God blesses in disclosing the open door of His Spirit’s tongues.”


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