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The Storm of The Earth (1.10.11)

“The storm of the Earth has not seen its like before,

                                      has not seen the destruction wrought,

                                      has not seen the suffering incurred,

                                      has not seen the difficulty of repair,

                                      has not seen the magnitude of claims,

                                      has not seen the laying waste on such a scale.

The storm of the Earth invades the privacy of man,

                                     invades the places of possession,

                                     invades the caverns of retreat,

                                     invades the secular and the carnal,

                                     invades the idol spots of Earth.

The storm of the Earth screams at the profane,

                                     screams at the destroyers of unfolding life,

                                     screams at the visitors of ill repute,

                                     screams at the sequences of sin,

                                     screams at the pitfalls laid for man.

The storm of the Earth has a centre of calm,

                                     has a centre with an eye,

                                     has a centre open to the heavens.

The storm of the Earth is selective in its posture,

                                     is selective in its force applied,

                                     is selective in its path,

                                     is selective in its retreat,

                                     is selective in its avoidance,

                                     is selective in its tumult.

The storm of the Earth separates and segregates,

                                     splinters and filters,

                                     vibrates and shakes,

                                     carries and removes:

                                                    deposits as a whole;

                                                    scatters as grains of salt as they issue from the salt cellar.

The storm of the Earth has the ability to leap-frog,

                                     has the ability to hit and miss,

                                     has the ability to come and to depart,

                                     has the ability to seek and to destroy,

                                     has the ability to purge or to cleanse the faces of the Earth,

                                                                                               the facades of the Earth,

                                                                                               the facilities of the Earth,

                                                                                               the factories of the Earth.

The storm of the Earth leaves little time for recuperation,

                                     leaves little time for shoring up,

                                     leaves little time for the emotions of man,

                                     leaves little time for the unrighteous to square up to their soul with their spirit’s call.”


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