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The End-time of Consumption (7.4.12)

“The end-time of consumption will see scarcities appear in the supplies of man,

                                                   will see insufficiencies arise for the demands of man,

                                                   will see the empty shelves which mark the unwillingness to supply at the prices so requested,

                                                   will see the food chains of the earth under stress to surmount the interruptions brought by man,

                                                   will see the necessities of life being bid for at the market place in exchange for gold,
                                               will see the loss of trust as nations with their paper promises lose value not inherent in their

                                                                                                                                                                       modicums of exchange.

The end-time of consumption will encounter difficulties in obtaining a replacement guarantee,

                                                                                           in obtaining stable pricing,

                                                                                           in obtaining access to a surplus placed on offer.

The end-time of consumption will stretch the purses of man,

                                                 will stretch the rationing to man,

                                                 will stretch the accounts of man with the money-lenders of the day,

                                                 will stretch a mirthless grin across a face as credit sought is met with a blank refusal,

                                                 will stretch the promises received until they fracture without honouring upon a broken pile,

                                                 will stretch the gullibility of man past what should be the limits of his common sense.

The end-time of consumption changes the values placed upon commodities,

                                                 discards the values of the past as of little relevance,

                                                 brings the values attributed to the expectations of the morrow,

                                                 uses the values which contribute to,

                                                                          which will encourage,

            an on-going supply in the face of profits being garnished from the shortage of materials,

                                                the shortage of transportation,

                                                the shortage of production,

                                                the shortage of supply brought through the suddenly-selfish in terms of food production,

                                                the shortage of irrigation brought through the changing pattern of the water distribution on the earth,
                                                the shortage of the energy required for completion of the contracts detailing the trading commerce of


The end-time of consumption is affected by the environment of the end-time –

                                  of wars,

                                  of storms,

                                  of pestilence,

                                  of droughts,

                                  of floods,

                                  of inhospitable weather patterns befalling the ill-informed,

                                  of stockpiling by the nations;

                                                         by the cartels of monopolies;

                                                         by the chains of commerce sourcing from distant lands;

                                                         by the machinations of man;

                                  of the suffering,

                                  of the starvation,

                                  of the death:

           resulting from the freewill of man which exhibits either greed

                                                                                              or the lack of preparation –

                                                                                      the absence of foresight –

                                                                               the misunderstanding of what is soon to be encountered –

                                                                       the ignoring of the seriousness of the warnings and the signs –

                                                                                        those which speak of the onset of the end-times with all which that entails.


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