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The End-time Wisdom (17.7.13)

“Wisdom is not always knowledge-based,

                can sometimes be based on surroundings of the day,

                can be judged by circumstances,

                can be fed by experience,

                can be settled by a question,

                can be imparted from The Word,

                can be downloaded from God.

Wisdom accrues during man’s mortality,

              is magnified in eternity,

              is imparted for the destiny of choice –

                                       that within the family of God.

Wisdom is succinct and to the point,

              summarizes and extols,

              leaves little scope for the arguments of man,

              declares the thoughts of God revealed,

              always reflects the morality applicable to man.

Wisdom impacts on the ears of man,

              creates lasting impressions on the spirit and the soul,

              has content which is quotable and true,

              is for the long-term benefitting of the character of man,

              serves as an end-time sign of the involvement of God.

Wisdom cannot be purchased from God,

              remains under His will for a request for impartation,

              is measured for its value by the employing of its use in application.

Wisdom surfaces when the spirit is active,

                             when the spirit has full participation,

                             when the spirit is neither hampered nor hindered by the soul.

Wisdom evaporates in the presence of the fool,

               condenses in the presence of the wise,

               is significant in the presence of an assembly.

Wisdom is an infinite resource,

              is not limited to the mortality of man,

              can be accessed by the prayer of the spirit for the intent of the soul.”


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