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The Bounty of The Earth (3.5.12)

“The bounty of the Earth is at the beck and call of man.

The bounty of the Earth is subject to the fittest,

                                       is subject to the strongest,

                                       is subject to the richest,

                                       is subject to the greediest,

                                       is subject to the bravest,

                                       is subject to the most immoral.

The bounty of the Earth accrues to the mighty and the powerful,

                                                        the audacious and the keen,

                                                        the usurpers and the pillagers,

                                                        the plunderers and the pirates,

                                                        the benefactors and the wise,

                                                        the ignoble and the inquisitors.

The bounty of the Earth is scarcely served to the victims and the vanquished,

                                                                        the impoverished and the impotent,

                                                                        the hapless and the hopeless,

                                                                        the senseless and the separated,

                                                                        the wastrels and the wishful.

The bounty of the Earth verifies the provisioning for man,

                                       verifies the foresight of design,

                                       verifies the stores placed within the storehouse long before the need arose.

The bounty of the Earth leaves no need unmet,

                                       leaves the stores in place,

                                       leaves the stores held ready,

                                       leaves the stores with access,

                                       leaves the stores for functions as intended,

                                       leaves the stores as an inheritance for man.

The bounty of the Earth shares in the food of man;

                                       shares in his ability to explore;

                                       shares in his ability to freeze,

                                                      his ability to heat,

                                                      his ability to shine with his use of hands;

                                       shares in his preparation of his goods for trade.

The bounty of the Earth has extractions worth uplifting;

                                       has extractions to blend and measure;

                                       has extractions for the artefacts;

                                       has extractions destined for the stars,

                                                                                    the moons,

                                                                                    the planets known to man.

The bounty of the Earth serves the knowledge of man with equanimity;

                                      serves up the solutions made known from the wisdom of God:

                                                             when and as combined with purpose of intent,

                                                                                                   with design through insight,

                                                                                                   with accidental exposures due to circumstance,

                                                                                        as labelled and thereby so claimed by man.

The bounty of the Earth can meet the needs of man solely by an act of the will of God when the ears of man are filled with the
                                                                                                                                                                             noises of the world.

The bounty of the Earth is sufficient for the day of man:

                                                          for the aspirations of man,

                                                          for the growth of man.

The bounty of the Earth suffices man until the end-time attains completion:

                                                                                               when all is re-assessed.”


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