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The End-time Afflictions of Man (27.7.13)

“The afflictions of man are many in number,

                                      are many in effect.

The afflictions of man bring him to his knees in pain,

                                    make him short of breath,

                                    bring pain into his movements.

The afflictions of man affect his ability to move,

                                               his ability to earn a living,

                                               his ability to exercise his heart.

The afflictions of man are sometimes self-imposed,

                                    are sometimes the results of habits becoming addictions of the day and of the night.

The afflictions of man are often imposed at an opportunity of the foe of man.

The afflictions of man can be assigned by God,

                                    can be dismissed by God,

                                    can be assessed by God:

                                                        when man would test his God;

                                                                          would curse his God;

                                                                          would falsely testify of what his God has done.

The afflictions of God can be temporary or permanent within the mortality of man depending upon the reaction of man
                                                                                                                                                          to the quest for which he seeks.

The afflictions of man can be corrective to his character:

                                    can be evidence of his character,

                                    can be the highlighting of his character,

                                    can be displayed upon his face,

                                                                upon his limbs,

                                                                upon his body,

                                                                upon his hands and feet.

The afflictions of man can mimic the attributes of the spirit of man:

                                                                where a cramped spirit can lead to a  cramped hand.

Such as these are evidence in the life of man of the result of the activities of the foe of man –

                                    unrestrained and free to roam to constrain the spirit,
                                                                                                        the body or the soul.

The afflictions of man are not vested by God on the temples of God.

                                             The temples of God suffer from the foe,

                                                                                        from the self,

                                                                when the hedge of protection is not erected pruned or fed.

The afflictions of man require perception to allocate the cause,

                                    require a review of history,

                                                 a review of a walk,

                                                 a review of possible idolatry,

                                                                of possible instating by the foe of man,

                                                                of possible addictions by man imposed upon himself.

The afflictions of man do not honour man;

                                    arise from respect of his freewill;

                                    arise as warning bells from God;

                                             as attention getters from man himself –

                                             as targeting from the foe of man as the prelude to much worse.

The afflictions of man can be removed by God:

                               as such are sought from a change of heart,

                               as such are sought by the repelling of the foe of man,

                               as such are sought by understanding bringing a change in lifestyle –

                                                             where addictions cannot surface to appear within effective range of the being of man.

The afflictions of man may not be pleasant to endure,

                                    strengthen as they linger,

                                    magnify the weakness,

                                    enhance a disability,

                                    sing a song of mourning for that which has been lost.

The afflictions of man are best dealt with at the onset –

                                                                    when a muscle cramps,

                                                                    when a muscle twitches,

                                                                    when a muscle is defiant to instructions.

The afflictions of man are best dealt with when first attaining sufficient severity to become the centre of attention.

The afflictions of man react to prayer and fasting,

                                    react to anointing,

                                    react to the hands of healing.

The afflictions of man react to the attentive care of man and the cause thereof.

The afflictions of man can be but a sneeze,

                                                or a cough which lingers in locations known to comfort so to nurture.

The afflictions of man can be suffered by man,

                                                or dispensed with by man.

                                                           depending on his freewill linking –

                                                                            to both his knowledge and his wisdom.

The afflictions of man  are under the oversight of God.”


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