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The End-time Bowing of The Seas (10.9.13)

“The bowing of the seas measures the tranquility of God.

The bowing of the seas arises from the winds of the four corners of the earth.

The bowing of the seas can be a maelstrom in the making,

                                      can test the constructions of man,

                                      can expose a ship caught within its storm.

The bowing of the seas beats upon the shorelines,

                                      batters all forms of constraint,

                                      surges and recedes with a will as if its own.

The bowing of the seas can be peaceful and gentle,

                                      can rest within the billows coloured with the evening,

                                      can water a cupped hand in cooling from the heat,

                                      can inundate the diver searching for a meal,

                                      can lead and mix the currents of the outreaches from the distant lands,

                                      can carry the flecks of foam from where they have been birthed.

The bowing of the seas replenishes their capacity for life for all who dwell therein:

                                      cleanse and purify the contaminants dumped by man;

                                      carry and disperse the concentrates of man;

                                      acts as a repository for the discards of man;

                                      yields its pleasures to the recreation of man;

                                      poses the challenges of distances for the conquest of man.

The bowing of the seas presents its wealth to man,

                                      churns the food of nations,

                                      surrenders from its depths the valued which man describes as precious,

                                      invites the exploration of the ignorance of man,

                                      witnesses the surrender of that buried in its beds,

                                      overcomes the thoughtless who set forth unprepared.

The bowing of the seas is a wonder to behold in the eyes of man:

                                      is at rest under clear blue skies with lapping to the fore,

                                      is at its heights of majesty where the wind force is unchecked.

The bowing of the seas propels and drags,

                                      submerges and uplifts,

                                      buries and surrenders.

The bowing of the seas merge with the colours of the day,

                                                         the intensity of luminosity under conditions of enhancement,

                                                         the sparkling on the scintillations of the jewel drops of the sea.

The bowing of the seas acknowledges the lady of the night who strains and grasps,

                                                                                               who relinquishes a hold –

                                                                                                                         yet to seize again,

                                                                                               who stores up and releases the surges known to man,

                                                                                               who brings the shimmering reflections of much beauty,

                                                                                               who feeds the eyes of man when the shades are drawn,

                                                                                               who times her entrance and her exit:

                                                                                                                                       to the retreat –

                                                                                                                                       to the influx –

                                                                                                                                  of the lighting of the day.

The bowing of the seas is correctly ascribed to the majesty of God,

                                      is beyond the controls of man,

                                      expresses might and power under authority,

                                      demonstrates the control of God.

Foolish are they who go adventuring into the face of God without protection.

Wise are they who are seen to travel in the fear of God.”


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