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The End-time Buzzing of The Bees (6.8.13)

“The buzzing of the bees indicates the health of the colony,

                                                         the size of the colony,

                                                         the activity of the colony.

The buzzing of the bees speaks of warmth and sunshine,

                                       speaks of flowers and nectar,

                                       speaks of many journeys storing each bee’s prize –

                                                                            each bee’s labour –

                                                                            each bee’s contribution to the hive.

The buzzing of the bees is the backdrop signing health in the environment,

                                                                         health in pollination,

                                                                         health in expectation of a crop of man.

The buzzing of the bees can be a swarm at large,

                                       can be a swarm out searching,

                                       can be a swarm awaiting reports of a new location,

                                       can be a swarm leaving cramped conditions for the open spaces,

                                       can be a swarm committed to a flight.

The buzzing of the bees can be silenced by smoke,

                                       can be silenced by sprays,

                                       can be silenced by destruction of the hive.

The buzzing of the bees can be heard in a tree in blossom,

                                                             on a field of flowers,

                                                             in the proximity of a vibrant hive.

The buzzing of the bees is as a school of children set free into a playground,

                                       is as a stream seen rushing past the rocks,

                                       is as a distant chainsaw heard felling all the trees,

                                       is as the hum of traffic packed upon a motorway,

                                       is as the racing of the engines for peak speed upon a racetrack.

The buzzing of the bees is not heard in the rain,

                                       is not heard in the night,

                                       is not heard in the wind storm of ferocity,

                                       is not heard when the lights are red,

                                       is not heard by an upraised hand,

                                       is not heard in the presence of construction.

The buzzing of the bees should be a welcome sound to man,

                                       is a welcome sound to God,

                                       is an indicator to God of the health of His creation,

                                       is a sign of the interactivity of His creation as it follows the quest for life.”


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