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The End-time Catalysts of Destiny (19.6.12)

“The movement of man as he approaches God,

                                       as he distances himself from God,

                       are the catalysts of destiny which impact on the soul,

                                                               which greet the spirit,

                                                               which put postures on the body.

Something so simple as a whisper in an ear,

                                   as a drumbeat on a street,

                                   as a life event of the heart:

                                                       can lead to a life of luxury –

                                                                 a life of luxury with God,

                                                                 or a life of luxury alone.

Something so simple as a barb embedded in the flesh,

                                   as a stagger in the night,

                                   as a rejection of a dream:

                                                       can trigger a life of penury –

                                                                 a life of penury with God,

                                                                 or a life of penury in despair.

Something so simple as a kiss upon a cheek,

                                   as an emblem around a neck,

                                   as a stirring of a heart:

                                                       can establish a life of fulfilment –

                                                                a life of fulfilment with God,

                                                                or a life of fulfilment serving man.

The end-time catalysts of destiny are subject to the incurring –

                                                                            the limiting –

                                                                            the selecting –

                                                                   of restricting options:

                                                                                 the options overlooked in youth,

                                                                                 the options bypassed in a livelihood,

                                                                                 the options unaccepted with maturity,

                                                                                 the options discarded by senility:

                                                                                 the options no longer present in a character.

         The options of freewill –

                          the derivations of the catalysts which enhance a walk with God;

                          the derivations of the catalysts which prevent a walk with God.

The end-time catalysts of destiny are:

                                                 the commitment to the selected use of fusing choice;

                                                 the ongoing postponement of such commitment;

                                                 the denial of such commitment;

                                                 the abstracted absence of such commitment;

                                                 the onset of entry to the grave of man.

The end-time catalysts of destiny are recorded for the playing of the record back to man,

                                                                           for the establishing of opportunities not taken up,

                                                                           for the impingements on the spirit and the soul which has the insights shuffled off,

                                                                           for the resonating sequences damped down at their birth,

                                                                           for the recollection of all deposited in the waste bin of a life.

The waste bin of a life portrays the temptations as the trials foregone,

                                     portrays the offerings as the rejections,

                                     portrays the unaccepted in their fullness,

                                     portrays the welcomed by deduction from the missing.

A destiny for man is certain and assured,

                              follows the reality of the grave as the soul awakes,

                              is crafted for the presence of the beings at the rising of The Son,

                              is determined as the catalysts are laid before the eyes and ears of man.”


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