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The End-time Coming of The Lord (5.4.12)

“The end-time coming of The Lord is a once-off event of impact for the multitudes of the earth,

                                                                                                for all those waiting in expectation,

                                                                                       for all those with hearts of scepticism,

                                                                              for all those surprised who lived within denial of all they now hear and see.

The end-time coming of The Lord follows

       the season of the tribulation –

                     that so named by man which trivializes what is to build into a climax

                                                    which will shake the earth,

                                               which is to fragment the constructions of man,

                                        which is to wipe from the face of the earth the enclaves of iniquity where man practises what he will;

        the season of the end-time trial of My saints where betrayal is the norm,

                                                                                where justice is not evident,

                                                                                where the calls for help fall on deafened ears,

                                                                                where the needs of life no longer are on sale –

                                                                                                    are plundered within the will of man;

        the season both of death and of destruction falling on the unprepared,

                                                                              falling on the wicked with the wrath of God displayed,

                                                                              falling on the saints of God according to their preparation,

                                                                                                       according to their understanding,

                                                                                                       according to the prayer lives of the saints.

The end-time coming of The Lord signs the end of grace,

      signs the introduction of a new era where time is absent,

                                                              where the clock of man is discarded with his mortality,

                                                              where the events of movement have new parameters of control;

      signs the transitioning of the body of man into the similitude of the body of The Christ of Advent,

      signs the transitioning of the earth into the earth reborn from the impurities instated by and during the mortality of man,

                                                              into the earth fit for the presence of the Kingdom of God in its fullness,

                                                              into the earth where satanic influence is restricted by imprisonment for an age of
                                                                                                                          reigning righteousness before the throne of God,

                                                              into the earth where man is to experience justice mixed with mercy –

                                                                                                          from the throne and from the seat –

                                                                                                                  as the multitudes so gather with the tasks of allocation,

                                                                                 where ageing is now present only as a memory,

                                                                           where tears of mourning no longer wet the cheeks of man,

                                                                    where opportunity and advancement no longer cause the striving of the soul,

                                                             where the human spirit dwells in safety and security within the family of God,

                                                      where the citizens of His kingdom know the enduring benevolence of the loving living God –

                                                                                                                                                                    as He attends His bride –

                                                                                                                                                                    as His bride attends Him.”


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