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The End-time Conflicts of Man (11.4.12)

“The end-time conflicts of man often will express the savagery within the soul of man,

                                                    often will arise in man’s attempt to conquer,

                                                                                             to dominate,

                                                                                             to exact vengeance for what has gone before;

                                                    often will result from perceptions built on envy,

                                                                                               on greed,

                                                                                               on self-aggrandizement,

                                                                                                               on the grab for land at a time of an opponent’s weakness;

                                                    often will declare an ultimatum noted for its unacceptability,

                                                    often will provoke a sneak attack built upon deceit,

                                                    often will promote the pillaging of the needs of others without regard to life.

The end-time conflicts of man counsel and condone the weapons mixed with violence,

                            the battering rams of intrusion with destruction,

                            the arson of the homes with incineration of all hope,

                            the shells exploding the poisons of man via the timing fuses,

                            the bomb-blasts from the heavens aimed to lay waste the villages with the lives of innocents,

                            the atrocities rendered to the cities with the pitted bloodstained walls –

                                                                                                                    which rise from the huddled forms.

The end-time conflicts of man erase each cynosure from the eyes of man,

                                                  replace such with the rubble of the age,

                                                  seek the supremacy of the beast,

                                                  greet the obstacles with excessive force,

                                                  proceed within the darkness of the night,

                                                  dispense the building blocks of hatred to frequent the generations.

The end-time conflicts of man do not last indefinitely,

                                                  are as a blotch upon the face of man where mercy can be seen as non-existent;

                                                                                                          where determination melts into exhaustion;

                                                                                                       where disfigurements should show as badges of dishonour;

                                                                                                  where the eyes of the soul reflect only an inward hell;

                                                                                              where the germs of war fester with the seeking of dominion;

                                                                                        where there is no right to be except among the death throes of a people,

                                                                                                                                                                                        of a nation,

                                                                                                                                                                                        of a tongue;

                                                        where the segments of the multitudes of man so consign themselves for destruction –

                                                                             at each other’s hands under satanic instruction –

                                                                                  as their ears become immune to the call of God.

The end-time conflicts of man gather into the storm of man,

                                                  are thrust before the face of God,

                                                  are filled with the blasphemy of man,

                                                  are solidified by the lies of man,

                                                  are superimposed upon the vision of the damned,

                                                  are visible as the cohorts of the devil,

                                                  are led as by the rider of the red horse –

                                                  are those who see the pale horse,

                                                                                          with its rider,

                                                                      unleashed to wander within the boundaries as set –

                                                                                       to tread the conflicts of man –

                                                                                       to bring the reign of death to man.

The end-time conflicts of man result in the dead unburied,

                                                  result in the sounding of the death knell for the combatants,

                                                  result in the ravaging of the body by the viruses of the soul,

                                                  result in the lost encountering the first and second death.

The end-time conflicts of man are unaware of the coming change in ownership of that for which the battles rage –

                                                                                                                                              the lands and the interests of man.

The end-time conflicts of man do not serve the cause of justice,

                                                  do not serve the instilling of righteousness,

                                                  do not place peace before the malcontents,

                                                  do not own the right to vengeance as evidenced by the acts of man.

The end-time conflicts of man vary in extension,

                                                  vary in ferocity,

                                                  vary on the fields of slaughter,

                                                  vary in the flaring of disputes,

                                                  vary in the waging of the wars of man,

                                                  vary in the leadership and the objectives of the villains seeking gain.

So the innocent are trampled to be left out of breath.

So the saints of God are martyred under threat.

So the earth is in the season of preparation for the bride of Christ.”


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