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The End-time Curtain of The Veil (10.5.12)

“The curtain of the veil has been in place for centuries,

                                       has been in place to protect the mysteries of God,

                                       has been in place to enshroud until release.

The curtain of the veil is as eyelids firmly closed upon the eyes,

                                        as curtains drawn across the windows of the soul,

                                        as darkness of intent which does not transmit the light.

The curtain of the veil can be opened partially in stages as if upon a stage,

                                     can give access as if through blinkers on a horse,

                                     can give access as if through a skylight in a roof,

                                     can give access as if from the bottom of a well,

                                     can give access as if with a telescope with a narrow field of view,

                                     can give access as if in the middle of the night,

                                     can give access as if lit by the risen sun.

The curtain of the veil controls the view of man;

                                     controls viewing access to another realm:

                                     controls the smoke as in a smoke screen,

                                     controls the fog as in a foggy day,

                                     controls the mist as in a misty morning which dissipates upon the arrival of the sun.

The curtain of the veil is readied for an act of disclosure,

                                     has the approval of The Father,

                                     has the acknowledgment of The Son,

                                     has the affirmation of the preparation of The Spirit to so move the veil.

The curtain of the veil is so designed to control the interplay of light and sound onto the sensors of man.

The curtain of the veil is as an aurora for the mind of man which selectively displays at the will of God.

The curtain of the veil is functional and operational,

                                     was programmed for exclusion,

                                     is soon to be modified for the end-time revelations,

                                                             for the end-time comings,

                                                             for the end-time advent of The Lord.”


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