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The End-time Days of Pentecost (9.6.12)

“The days of Pentecost are about to revisit the earth of man,

                                      are about to circumnavigate the earth of man,

                                      are about to re-enlist the saints of God on the earth of man.

The days of Pentecost are about to seize the days of Satan from before his throne,

                                    are about to re-awaken the souls of God,

                                    are about to bring the dry bones up from the valleys.

The days of Pentecost are about to call the penitent before the throne of God.

The days of Pentecost are about to see the penitent,

                                                              the dry bones,

                                                              the souls of God,

                                                                        aflame with My Spirit’s fire,

                                                                        aflame with My Spirit’s holiness,

                                                                        aflame with the fear of God,

                                                                                       emboldened with the voice of God,

                                                                                       emboldened with the will of God,

                                                                                       emboldened with the searchlight of My Spirit.

       For the searchlight of My Spirit is as the x-ray machine of God for man,

                                                           is as the plumber of the depths of man,

                                                           is as the examiner of the body,


                                                                                                   and spirit,

                                                                                         of the character,


                                                                                                    and mind –

                                                                                    for righteousness –

                                                                                    for a relationship with God –

                                                                                    for an accord with God.

       For the accord with God denotes a new covenant in place whereby the being of man,

                                                                                                                   in all completeness,

                                                                                                         will be subject to full honour,

                                                                                                         will encounter all the promises,

                                                                                                         will be qualified for his inheritance from God.

For these days of Pentecost are of relevance to the advent of The Lord.

For these days of the return of Pentecost in its fullness are the days of My Spirit’s witness of the end-time to the saints of God.

For these days are not the days for the unprepared,

                                                   for those of little faith,

                                                   for those with a foot planted in both camps,

                                                   for those who doubt,

                                                   for those in denial.

For these are the days when the saints of God will stand in service.

For these are the days when the goats will flee,

                                    when the lambs will have no milk,

                                    when the shepherds will be mindful of His sheep –

                                                                                                who each knows his walk of faith,

                                                                                                                  of righteousness,

                                                                                                                  of grace.

For as each has sought so each will receive.

For as each has attained so each will be rewarded.

For as each knows the shepherd so each will be claimed.”

4.55 – 5.37 am Friday 24th February 2012, Tenali, A.P., India


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