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The End-time Fall of Grace (7.10.13)

“The fall of grace is wide and varied:

                              is as if scattered by the wind of Heaven,

                              is as if contained within each drop of rain,

                              is prepared in full abundance for the end-time need of man.

The fall of grace is silent yet speaks to the spirit of man.

The fall of grace is real yet cannot be touched by man.

The fall of grace reconciles man yet cannot be bought or sold.

The fall of grace envelops man in his completeness:

                            envelops man in his sin,

                            envelops man through his repentance,

                            envelops man for a new beginning,

                            envelops man with the reality of God,

                            envelops man as fitted-out for eternity,

                            envelops man in a call of preparation as His bride.

The fall of grace humbles the weak and the mighty,

                            humbles the lonely and the family,

                            humbles the reticent and the brash,

                            humbles the ignorant and the wise,

                            humbles the seeker and the satisfied,

                            humbles the destitute and the wealthy,

                            humbles the agnostic and the atheist.

The fall of grace brings all before the throne of grace,

                            leads all to the sacrifice of grace,

                            teaches from the past into the present unto the future.

The fall of grace is not determined by the amount of sin:

                                                        by the type of sin,

                                                        by the proximity of sin,

                                                        by the adoption of sin,

                                                        by the effect of sin,

                                                        by the length of sin,

                                                        by the promises of sin.

The fall of grace transmits the forgiveness of God,

                                           the acceptance by God,

                                           the adoption into the family of God.

The fall of grace transmits the cleansing power of God,

                            installs a new guest in the framework of the house,

                            opens up the access to the bounty of God,

                            marks a fresh relationship with God,

                            initiates the giftings of His Spirit.

The fall of grace justifies man in the sight of God:

                                                  in man’s new beginning,

                                                  in man’s discarding of the past,

                                                  in man’s refurbishment of his life,

                                                  in man’s reorientation of the values fit for aspirations,

                                                  in man’s re-evaluation of the sacred and the holy.

The fall of grace changes friends and enemies,

                            brings understanding of the changes, 

                            introduces arming and equipping from the armoury of God.

The fall of grace leads to righteousness and to peace.

The fall of grace rewards the commitment of man’s spirit:

                            qualifies for the promises of God,

                            changes attitudes to all that went before,

                            strengthens the will of man to become an overcomer,

                            opens new visions with their vistas for attainment by the soul.

The fall of grace is a turning point in the life of man,

                                                in the mortality of man,

                                                in the judgment of man.

The fall of grace opens up a safe harbour of great beauty where the soul and the spirit may be endowed by God.”


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