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The End-time Foolishness Of Man (7.7.12)

“Is it not recorded in My word I hold creation in the the palm of My hand? *

Is it not recorded in My word of My mysteries hidden from man? **

Is it not recorded in My word of My mastery of time? ***

Is it not yet possible for man to comprehend My law of cause and effect,

                             when I dwell outside of time,

                             when I triggered the ‘big bang’ as called by man from the contents of My hand,

                             when I birthed the universe for man and started time upon his presence?

Foolish is he who strives to discard God into the waste bin stemming from man’s knowledge.

Foolish is he who promotes his facts of God when lacking in experience,

                                                                        when remaining at a distance,

                                                                        when missing the building block of faith necessary for a commencement of a journey
                                                                                                                                                                    in the companionship of God.

Foolish is he who in his ignorance professed would destroy the walk of others in attacks upon their faith,

                                                        does not evaluate the Spirit’s giftings into the lives of others,

                                                        has not been present in a setting where My Spirit is abounding.

Foolish is he who would decry the author of what is now before him as he reads,

                                                   the past testimonies borne,

                                                   the martyrs who surrendered all,

                                                   the progress possible within the soul of man.

For wisdom would dictate reparation is difficult to establish in the sphere of loss of faith,

                                                                                                                      of a resulting disjointed walk,

                                                                                                                      of an indentured soul,

                                                                                                                      of a damaged spirit queuing for a second death.

For these are the inheritance of the lost far in the world of intellect,

                                                                imprisoned in their tower of ivory,

                                                                where God is made unwelcome.

For foolish is the man who leads people from the truth,

                                    who inhibits faith in others,

                                    who shuts a door upon a scene of which he has no knowledge,

                                    who proclaims from afar that which he disdains to approach,

                                    who shouts in error and believes the echo,

                                    who manifests knowledge built upon a foolish heart.

For such as these will be called to account for their actions as a fool,

                                                                     for their actions of destruction,

                                                                     for their impaling of the handiwork of God upon a picket where left to hang.

Beware the fool who transmits sincerity,

                           who transmits nonsense wrapped in rotten fruit,

                           who transmits his ignorance for the wise to see,

                                                                         for the wise to single out,

                                                                         for the wise to spread their wings to where the pasture is worth sampling.

Beware the fool living forever in the present,

                           who does not lift his sight,

                           who considers not his being,

                           who settles for the dust,

                           who chooses not to understand,

                           who circumscribes a mountain with his wasted walk.

Beware the fool of business building a stack of hay on a foundation of wood and girded by the straw. 

For such as they honour no-one but themselves,

                           seek nothing but that which they can pocket,

                           hold to nothing of end-time significance,

                           are ill-prepared for what they will encounter,

                           have no treasure set aside for a reigning day.

So it is the wise explore,

            the wise determine,

            the wise select,

            the wise walk the journey of reward,

                          test the truth,

                          discard the rumours,

                          greet each day of promise.

So it is the wisdom of God is seen to rain upon their heads,

                                                        to wash off the dust of earth,

                                                        to verify the Spirit’s truth,

                                                        to read the encountered way stations of The Lord.

So it is the wisdom of God brings discernment of all things,

                                            brings to understanding the mysteries of God in season,

                                            brings before each body-in-waiting the prospect of fulfilment as a temple,

                                                                                                      the equipping of the tongue,

                                                                                                      the commitment of the heart,

                                                                                                      the growth of faith in action.”

* Scribal Note:

‘Is it not recorded in My Word1 I hold creation in the palm of My hand?’

Refer Job 12: 9-10, Ecclesiastes 9:1, Psalm 102:25-27 (The power of creation)

‘Is it not recorded in My Word2 of My mysteries hidden from man?’

Refer Deuteronomy 29:29, Amos 3:7, Matthew 13:11

‘Is it not recorded in My Word3 of My mastery of time?’  Refer 2 Kings 20:9 (and Isaiah 38:8), Joshua 10:12-14


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