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The End-time Prongs of Satan (19.6.12)

“The prongs of Satan prod and push,

                                   stab and steer,

                                   lunge and tap.

The prongs of Satan discourage and dismay.

The prongs of Satan lie and cheat.

The prongs of Satan bend and cripple.

The prongs of Satan clout and bash,

                                  shake and threaten,

                                  tear and trip.

The prongs of Satan are the demons sowing discord in the life of man.

The prongs of Satan are the tripwires of disasters,

                                 are the delayers of decisions,

                                 are the dealers of disgust,

                                 are the dopers of destruction,

                                 are the charlatans of chance,

                                 are the vendors of the vanquished.

The prongs of Satan are the tacticians of the terrors,

                                       the naggers of the nightmares,

                                       the wrestlers of the woeful,

                                       the inviters of iniquity,

                                       the marshallers of manipulation,

                                       the testers of temptation.

The prongs of Satan are the besmirchers of the bashful,

                                       the gossipers of the group,

                                       the entanglers of the empires,

                                       the seekers of the surly,

                                       the ropers of the renegades,

                                       the violators of the victims.

The prongs of Satan are busy with the watchmen,

                                  are busy with the rearguards,

                                  are busy with the scouts.

The prongs of Satan are the spreaders of disease,

                                       the spreaders of malevolence,

                                       the specialists of pain.

The prongs of Satan are prepared to fight,

                                  do not like to lose,

                                  carry grudges when defeated,

                                  will return with more support,

                                  struggle with an eviction.

The prongs of Satan are a nuisance to My people,

                                  attempt to frustrate the will of God,

                                  harry and bicker among themselves,

                                  resist with lying tongues,

                                  frighten the inept,

                                  scare the lambs among the sheep.

The prongs of Satan are reluctant to leave when holding an invitation,

                                  are reluctant to admit a presence,

                                  are stupid in the things they say,

                                  are vulnerable when their camouflage is lifted,

                                                          when the voice of God is present in His servants,

                                                          when the servants of God have the boldness,

                                                                               with the wisdom,

                                                                                        to proceed unto completion:

                                                                                                 with the vessel swept and cleaned.”


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