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The End-time Queries on Aspects of Revival (21.9.13)

Scribal Notes: 

1.  This item was initially personal in its presentation. Here it is laid out for general perusal which requires incidental changes for dictated clarity of what was assumptive content containing pronouns and names. (e.g ‘it’ with its noun.) The original personal item exists if required for validation by comparison. This generalised item is approved by The Lord for release.

2.  ‘And I hear the Lord Jesus saying,’ should be taken as a preface to each response which follows in quotation marks – “”.

Scribal initiated queries are in numbered blue italicised texts for ease of locating.

1.   What I am interested in, is that particular aspect of your discipling, Lord, which gives rise to, and so brings about, Revival in one of your churches?

“Revival is encouraged by My people in passing through the courts of praise and of worship,

                                                                                 past the rented curtain,

                                                                                                     into the holy of holies,

                                           and there not be adjudged trespassers without the right of entry,

                                                                                      but as supplicants to The God of Abraham.”

2.   It seems so hard to ignite the fire, Lord, as if everyone is using damp or, worse, wet kindling, which won’t catch the fire, or can’t catch the fire.

“The fire can not be lit by the lone efforts of man.

The fire is lit from The Flame of My Spirit,

                                                              within the unity of God,

                                                                                   when all is well within My church,

                                                                                   when My leadership are in accord –

                                                                                   when My leadership are active in their taskings –

                                                                                   when My leadership all know the fear of God –

        when My people are seeking meat between their teeth rather than milk upon their tongues –

        when My people come to understand and to seek that which is not present in their lives:

                                                                                       that which could be and yet is not.

                  My people need to be familiar with the keys of the kingdom and practised in their use.

                  My people need to be familiar with My Spirit’s gifts and practised in their use.

                  My people need to be attuned to the will of God and confident in its discernment.

                  My people need to be welcoming of My Spirit and accepting of His counsel.

                  My people need to be attentive to The Living God who has spoken with the patriarchs and knows the forbears and the
                                                                                                                                                                              martyrs of the faith.”

3.   I don’t know how the fire is started, my Lord.

“The fire falls when unity of purpose of My leadership is evident,

                                                            of prayer which requests the fire,

                                                            of tongues which know the fire,

                                                            of intensity of passion for that Revival which others have sought and gained,

                                                            of action built upon the heart’s intent,

                                                            of sincerity of expression,

                                                            of righteousness of character,

                                                            of perseverance of the soul:

        in order to prevail to continue past the season –

                   which sees the goats depart,

                   which sees the bored and the disenchanted no longer attend their calls,

                   which sees the ‘Holy Spirit’ seekers departing to the foot of yet another ‘holy’ mountain,

                   which sees the lukewarm lose commitment and so forsake their vows.

The fire falls where freedom reigns,

                      where My Spirit testifies of being welcome,

                      where the wise know to wait upon The Lord,

                      where holiness is not impeded from descending,

                      where the fear of God pervades,

                      where the denseness of the fog of sin no longer clings,

                                                                                   no longer envelops,

                                                                                   no longer keeps its captives,

                                                                                                             with their then residues in tow,

                                           in pre-emption of a relationship with The God of reconciliation.”

3a.  Or how it is to be nurtured so it continues to burn indefinitely.

“The fire is fuelled both by repentance and by gratitude.

             As these increase so the fire burns more brightly –

                                         so the fire becomes as a furnace,

                                                                         as the Refiner’s fire,

                                                                                              in dealing with the dross.

As these decrease so the fire begins to fade –

                                         becoming as a glimmer,

                                                                         where the embers barely glow,

                                                                                              on the pathway to extinction.”

4.   It seems like the people suffer burn out through exhaustion, Lord, after a very intense but relatively short time where Revival is evident and glory everywhere abounding?

“Revival requires an on-going source of fuel if it is to continue and more so if it is to expand.

            The diminution of a Revival is not due to the ‘exhaustion’ of those within the church,

                                                          but rather the exhaustion of fresh fuel in the locality of its birth.

Revival comes intended to be as a rolling thunder which moves across a landscape,

                                                                                which travels progressively through the churches and their surrounds,

                                                                                which behaves as if a set of dominoes which trickle according to the setting,

                                                                                                 according to the turns and twists built into that laid out for attention.

My church is yet to acquire the wisdom and the understanding enabling the passing of the baton of Revival to each church in turn –

            prior to the church of bequeathal having embers which only dully glow,

                                               where the flames are scarcely visible,

                                               where the heat barely attains the status of being regarded as lukewarm.

            For then the baton of the flame is no longer incandescent and struggles to maintain the firebrand needed to build a fresh
                                                                                                                                                                                   Refiner’s fire –

                                               as the dominoes fall while the hopeful and expectant wait:

                                                                   for the flashpoint of ignition which may be long delayed.”

5.   Is there a progressive path towards Revival?


         Revival is intended to roll across the countryside;

                                         to jump the waters of the deep;

                                         to visit both the ice and marsh,

                                                     both the snow and desert,

                                                     both the swamp and high places,

                                                     both the cob hut and the castle.”

5a.  Or is it Your sovereign act of blessing?


         Revival is a sovereign act of blessing;

                      is a sovereign act of selection;

                      is a sovereign act within the sweep of time.

         Revival is stationed for installing when My Spirit reports that all is well within a gathering of My people:

                                                                       they who are yearning for the signature of their faith.”

5b.  Or is it still to remain a mystery of God?

“As Revival has been already declared and experienced by man so it no longer is held as a mystery of God;


               it is held close to the heart of God for the end-time preparation of those in need of repentance with the fall of grace –

                                                                      for the multitudes at large who would encounter God.”

5c.  Do you speak to your prophets concerning the onset of Revival?

“As the queries of My prophets are received,

                                        so the responses are revealed.

As the queries are expanded,

                                        so the responses are extended.”

6.   Is there something You expect from us, your people, which is missing and so disqualifies us from participation?


      The missing ‘something’ is difficult but not impossible for man to achieve.

      This ‘something’ is often that which causes My church to stumble.

                                                 Understanding should bring My church to its knees.

      That ‘something’ is not often sought as counsel from My Spirit:

                                                 of how it may be achieved,

                                                 of how it may be embedded in a flock,

                                                 of how it may be strongly valued as a mainstay of My church.

The God of Love requires His church to be as one in unity:

                                                                                 in all aspects of relationship,

                                                                                                       of discipling,

                                                                                                       of fellowship,

                                                                                                       of effort and of will.

As The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit are one in unity,

                                so the bride of Christ is expected so to be within their gowns of spotless white.

      Disunity is not of God,

                     is evaluated as sin:

                                         as it fragments and distorts,

                                         as it separates –

                                                    generating huddles on the sidelines where whispers are the order,

                                                                                where grievances are aired as support is garnered from 

                                                                                                                               among the dirt and filth.

So the leadership of My church is dishonoured by the actions of the sheep within their care –

                           who impugn their integrity so piousness and piety are both robbed of their reward.”

7.   Lord, You know our hearts. Is there another term we should be using?

“The intent of every heart is known to God,

                            regardless of how man chooses to encode either his deeds or his tongue –

                                                                                                                   in the language of the day.”

8.   How do we qualify, Lord, to be immersed within a Revival brought by You, Lord?

“To advance in unity and so be heard as supplicants and not as interlopers.”

9.   Can a Revival be centred in Your Church under Your Pastors here in Hamilton, New Zealand, Lord, or, indeed, wherever one of Your worldwide churches happens to be located?

“Where My Spirit is welcomed in unity and free to move,

                                                      the whole gamut of God is available for the experiencing by man.”

10.  Supplementary How is the baton passed, Lord, so the dominoes continue to fall and the Revival flourishes in each new location?

“So the bottom line is reached;

  so the questions have been sorted;

  so the answer is desired by the attentive and the earnest;

  so the baton of revival is revealed to those lacking the knowledge inherent for its passing.

The baton of Revival is as a bus waiting at a bus stop waiting for the travellers.

The baton of Revival moves the intent of My Spirit prior to the lack of fuel:

                                        to where the fuel is seen to gather with My people and is plentiful in scope.

The baton of Revival seizes the end-time day with power,

                                                                         with authority,

                                                                         with My Spirit leading with His flame borne high:

                                                                                                 to toss aside the henchmen of the devil;

                                                                                                 to so hear man testify of Me.

The baton of Revival is the end-time signature of God.

                                                       Woe to those who attempt to interfere with the signature of God.

                                                       Woe to those who do not support the signature of God.

                                                       Woe to those who cut and flee before the signature of God.

             Blessed are those reborn under the baton of revival.

             Blessed are those restored under the baton of revival.

             Blessed are those revived who hold fast to their vows,

                                                       who resolve to keep their promises,

                                                       who hold to their commitments:

                                                                                the sacred trusts instated by the baton of revival.

             Blessed are those who enter into My Kingdom,

                                          who value the fall of grace,

                                          who hold fast to the sacraments of the sacrifice,

                                          who honour the new covenant both in its aspects and intent.

             Blessed are those who would emulate My disciples of the past,

                                          who would follow Me in the bounds of discipleship,

                                          who would follow Me as willing servants with love for their fellow man.

The baton of Revival installs the outflow of My Spirit active and ready –

                                                                                     for a new beginning at a more distant location.

The baton of Revival lays afresh the fire to embrace the new fuel for the stoking of the fire.

The baton of Revival brings the spreading of the fire of God in the busloads of My people –

             selected from those who had previously just travelled through the refining fire,

                  with a testimony to bear before those at a fresh location:

                                                                     those who would follow them into a time to be spent with their living God made known.

      Thus it is the ‘on fire’ servants of The Living God who carry so to light the kindling fuel afresh,

                                                                                               see it flare and catch,

                                                                                               see it spread and evolve,

                                                                                               see the feast of miracles and wonders appearing in the gatherings of man,

                                                                               see the growth and power of testimonies born within the witnesses,

                                                                                                                                                 born within the penitents,

                                                                                                                                                 born within the fall of grace,

                                                                                                                                                 born within the heart of man.

      So families of rebirth enter into unity,

                                         are filled with a common goal in reaching out within the end-time faith.

The baton of Revival is the end-time servants of God,

                                      presentable and well,

                                      fit and refreshed,

                                           with hands afire in readiness for laying on,

                                           with the gifting and the emboldenment arising from The  Holy Spirit –

                                                              as God attends His earthly kingdom for the glory of The Son.

The baton of Revival sees the busloads departing for new sites:

                                                                under the auspices of God to reclaim the souls for God;

                                                both numerous and sufficient to overcome any reluctance encountered;

                         to stay to oversee through the days of introduction until the fire is thoroughly ignited;

      as the fire of God becomes capable of absorbing all the fuel which comes to yield to God.

      So the baton of Revival continues on to fresh areas in the will of God and the enthusiasm of

                                                                                                My end-time people to set the earth on fire.”


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