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The End-time Speaks (23.4.12)

“The end-time speaks,

            within its season,

                     of the maturing of the environment of man;

                     of the religiosity of man;

                     of the deviant faiths of man,

                     of the opening of the sword of My Spirit as it cuts and thrusts with the fulfilment of the prophecies,

                                                                                       as it lays bare the showcase of the truth:

                                                         implicit through the ages of man in the living loving God declared,







                                           for the understanding acceptance of man in need of reconciliation when grace is to the fore
                                                                                                                                                    in the presence of freewill.

The end-time speaks with many voices,

                                  with many topics of dependence:

                                  with much foolishness,

                                  with much wisdom,

                                  with much thought,

                                  with much consideration:

                                          for that which is soon to come to pass before the eyes of man’s mortality.

The end-time speaks across the earth,

                                  across the seas,

                                  across the heavens of the earth:

                                         of a startling change in circumstances,

                                         of amazing enticements of man,

                                         of many falls from favour,

                                         of many depredations of man on man,

                                         of the scouring of the landscapes for a morsel for the mouth,

                                         of the seeking of a place where trust and truth are honoured.

The end-time speaks in closure with events of grandeur associated with a King,

                                                   with a King in waiting,

                                                   with a King in prophesy,

                                                   with a King of great authority,

                                                   with a King with consummate power,

                                                   with a King of retinue,

                                                   with a King as unto a Kingdom,

                                                   with a King who shall not be dispossessed,

                                                   with a King who heralds the aeons of the present.

The end-time speaks of much loss of life,

                                  of much mourning for the damned,

                                  of much martyring of the saints,

                                  of much celebrating by the saved,

                                  of much enquiring from the lost –

                                           as seeking speaks to hearts where faith is being kindled from a spark of knowledge.

The end-time speaks of great expectations,

                                  of the fulfilment of the destinies of man,

                                  of the achieving of a major milestone in the grand design of God,

                                  of the proximity of the rebirths as promised,

                                  of the spotlessness of a pristine environment,

                                  of the crossing of the finish line in the race of life within mortality,

                                  of the transference of the goal with eyes set on eternity,

                                  of the transitioning of being into the presence of the God of Love,

                                  of the inheritance in its fullness disclosed unto His saints.


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