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The End-time Squirrels of The Earth (9.9.13)

“The squirrels love their habitats,

                        adjust to their habitats,

                        secrete and put aside in a time of plenty,

                        have a storehouse in reserve when the need is evident,

                        scamper in busyness when surplus is to the fore.

The squirrels of the Earth have lessons there for man:

                                         do not contaminate that which serves a future dependency,

                                         guard the living space from invasion,

                                         shelter and protect the family from the ravages of storms,

                                         gather while one may – 

                             for as the lean times approach so the will is tested,

                                                                              so the character is stressed,

                                                                              so the soul knows invitations where sinning is encouraged.

The squirrels do not risk survival with a single depository;

                      spread their forward survival items where others will neither discover nor uplift;

                      ensure there is a surplus to their needs so starvation is held at bay;

                      know to store them where they are not pillaged,

                                                      where they are not subject to decay,

                                                      where they are held for when appetites demand.

The squirrels come and go,

                      attend and prosper,

                      know and understand:

                                           within the vagaries encountered.

The squirrels thrive and multiply,

                      experience and replenish,

                      read and prepare:

                                           for the cycle of restoration.

The squirrels scamper and enjoy the fruits in season,

                      select and save the kernels of delight,

                      explore and discover the bounty set upon their table by The Loving God.

The Loving God who sees each sparrow fall;

                            who puts His imprimatur upon each life within creation;

                            who has a headdress waiting for each created in His image;

                            who calls each to begin,

                                                     to complete,

                                                              the freewill journey home –

                                                                                      as He holds each place prepared,

                                                                                          each inheritance to be shared,

                                                                                          each welcome kept in readiness.”


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