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The End-time Voice in The Wilderness (15.9.13)

“The voice in the wilderness is difficult to distinguish from the noise of man;

                                               is difficult to discern in its existence;

                                               is difficult to comprehend the message when uttered from afar,

                                                                                                             when not heralded clearly,

                                                                                                             when falling on inattentive ears.

The voice in the wilderness can proclaim a message of great import,

                                                                   a message for considering,

                                                                   a message bringing change,

                                                                   a message in affirmation of the will of God.

The voice in the wilderness can carry round the globe,

                                             can carry across the waters,

                                             can carry across the lands of man,

                                             can affect the way that man does live and dwell.

The voice in the wilderness can bring insights of great value:

                                             can reinforce in strengthening the past into the present,

                                             can verify the integrity of the happenings of the day,

                                             can present a scenario portraying the end-time despoliation of the habitat of man.

The voice in the wilderness can awaken the sleepers and the slumberers:

                           to that which passes by unnoticed when driven by the busy and the thoughtless,

                                                                                                            the greedy and the gatherers,

                                                                                                            the selfish and the grabbers,

                                                                                                            the thieves and the varlets,

                                                                                                            the hoarders and the storers –

                            all those with an interest in the price hikes imposed upon the back of scarcity –

                                                                                      scarcity arching in the spasms born of contrived shortages in supply.

The voice in the wilderness often speaks of what others miss,

                                             often trumpets folly in the making,

                                             often highlights those who see themselves as unaccountable to their fellow man.

The voice in the wilderness often speaks with wisdom,

                                             often speaks with insights of the future if the the ways of man continue as they are,

                                             often speaks in fear of retribution if the message is unpalatable and the addressees are well-seated.

The voice in the wilderness can be easily silenced in the amphitheatre born of ridicule,

                                                                                 in the amphitheatre born of disqualifying by mixing in the unacceptable,

                                                                                 in the amphitheatre born of attribution to the misfits and the incoherent –

                                                                                                  so cogency is lost as truth is flayed upon the whipping post of lies.

        For by such means can the message be ignored;

                                       can the message be immersed in nonsense before understanding is attained;

                                       can the message intended for the coming dawn be silenced in the night;

                                       can the heralds,

                                                 without temerity,

                                                          become convinced:

                                               the opportunity to broadcast what they know to be of value is not in their own self-interests.

        So the audience is denied a recounting –

                                                           by the publicists of the night and the cautious of the day.

The voice in the wilderness can be the voice of self-aggrandizement of the aggrieved of man;

                                             can be the voice of Satan in his hostility of bitterness using man for his mimicking of God;

                                             can be the voice of God through His prophets whom He knows:

                                             can be either the voice of destruction aimed at man by Satan –

                                                        or the voice of life within eternity offered to man by his God in all His glory of creation.

        For such are the days within which man now lives.

        For such are the end-time days of which man has been warned.

        For such are the days in which the prophets of God are commissioned so to speak the will of God in declaration –

                  as the voice of God has been heard by His prophets whom He knows:

                                    with certainty,

                                                with the absence of error,

                                                             in recalling the scriptures of God –

                  those destined to guide and counsel man with knowledge and with wisdom –

                                                  as man within the flock of God prepares to receive The Living Christ returning for His Bride."

Scribal Note:

            The Bible, Matthew 3:3, Isaiah 40:3 (New King James version)


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