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The End-time Wisdom on Time (5.5.12)

“When in the absence of the pendulum of time,

              cause and effect are no longer linked,

                              can be viewed in either order,

                              can be viewed solely dependent on the will of the playwright of the scenes.

For as the effect is desired to be,

                                    so the cause can be ascribed into the reality of existence.

For as the cause is desired to be,

                                    so the effect can be ascribed into the reality of existence.*

Hence the first may be last and the last may be first when order is important.

The I AM of creation is the first and the last,

                                       the alpha and the omega,

                                       the beginning and the end:

                                                         as He dwells outside the time of man.

When Heaven orchestrates the edifice of God so matters may happen simultaneously,

         yet man requires a sequence of relationships described within his time frame for the comprehension of his life upon the earth.

Similarly is it necessary for his understanding of the structure of eternity:

                 in terms familiar to the reality of his experience within mortality.

The clash of the cultures found on earth with the cultures found in the heavens is severe and complex when attempting to reconcile,

                                                                by way of explanation,

                           the life style known to each in the concepts available in the languages of the earth.

So the actions attributed to the seven seals,

 so the actions attributed to the seven bowls,

 so the actions attributed to the seven angels may not occur within the heavens in the sequencing of time as known to man;

                                                    yet are so described within My word to enable the understanding of mortal man while on the earth.”

Scribal Note:* (Stet – is correct and stays as it is)


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