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The End-time Wrath of God (26.5.12)

“The end-time wrath of God changes the makeup of the earth,

                                               moves the mountains of accountability,

                                               alters the characters of man.

The end-time wrath of God reseeds the earth with vigour,

                                             removes the sources of enmity to God,

                                             challenges the end-time beliefs of the saints of God.

The end-time wrath of God empties the bowls and fulfils the prophecies,

                                             inundates the lowlands and bakes the hinterlands,

                                             measures the faith and quantifies the discipleship.

The end-time wrath of God surveys the worriers and despatches the warriors,

                                     values the knowledgeable and preserves the wise of God,

                                     proclaims the freewill destined for respect and testifies of the freewill destined for full honour.

The end-time wrath of God vindicates the mistreated and uplifts the humble,

                                     falls on the warring of the earth and terrifies the captains of industry misusing trust,

                                     demolishes the satanic emblems and safeguards the sanctuaries of God.

The end-time wrath of God wraps up the objectors and disposes of the charlatans,

                                             seeks the mouths of blasphemy and finds the hands of idolatry,

                                             curtails the warned and diminishes the disobedient.

The end-time wrath of God services the righteous and gratifies the just,

                                             leads the companionable and encourages the repentant,

                                             fills the vacant and replenishes the dispirited.

The end-time wrath of God purifies the earth ready for the bride and magnifies the kingdom ready for The King.”


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