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The End-time of Complaint (30.4.12)

“The end-time of complaint is soon to beset the earth,

                                              is soon to be heard both wide and far,

                                              is soon to fill the ears of man with the babble of the nations,

                                                                                                                       of the peoples,

                                                                                                                       of the tongues of the multitudes –

                                                                                               those who have no interest in The God who calls His sheep by name.

The end-time of complaint darkens the outlook of man,

                                            hearkens to the call of Satan,

                                            makes hoarse the voice of man in the ears of God.

The end-time of complaint speaks of little worth the listening,

                                            speaks of little worth the harbouring,

                                            speaks of little worth allocating to the memory of man.

The end-time of complaint visits the like-minded,

                                            visits the surly,

                                            visits the unforgiving.

The end-time of complaint builds a fabric frayed around the edges,

                                                       a fabric full of holes,

                                                       a fabric where the worms are comfortably at home,

                                                       a fabric never washed by blood,

                                                       a fabric of impurity from where truth has long since flown.

The end-time of complaint does not seek solutions,

                                            does not listen to wise counsel,

                                            does not give up gnawing on a rotten bone.

The end-time of complaint drags down the ears of man,

                                            mimics the mumbling of man as an audience is sought,

                                            blisters the tongue of man from excessive repetition.

The end-time of complaint brings the destruction of the value in concern,

                                                                                of the concern in value.

The end-time of complaint scores little with the busy,

                                            scores little with the buoyant:

                                            scores little in the progress of the stakes of interest to the soul.

The end-time of complaint weakens the helpful with the burdens borne of selfishness,

                                            overlooks revealing all the points of relevancy,

                                            disparages the views formed from good intent,

                                            sings a song of misery causing departure of the listening ears.

The end-time of complaint collaborates with evil in the targeting of man:

                                            collaborates with evil to pull down the edifice of God on earth;

                                            collaborates with evil to construct a framework of despair in the heart of man;
                        collaborates with evil to prevent thereby the return of man back into the presence of The Eternal God

                                                                                                                                                                                                    of life.

The end-time of complaint bands together all those who will be seized in fire –

                                                                                                         unless there is a record of an act signifying a change of heart;

                                                                                   who will scream in the emptiness of darkness –

                                                                                                         unless there is a record of repentance;

                                                                                   who will be held imprisoned by the binding chains –

                                                                                                         unless there is a record of commitment to Jesus,

                                                                                                                                                                            The Living Christ,

                                                                                                                                                                  while in this age of grace.”


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